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Try these 11 social and blog content creation tools to get organized, inspired and more efficient at creating content your audience loves.




1. An Editorial Calendar

2. Google Reader

3. Twitter Lists

4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest takes your word or phrase and scrapes Google Suggestions to offer the hottest related topics people are searching for.

5. Audacity

Try Audacity for recording interviews and editing audio.

6.  Screen Capture by Google

7. Evernote

8. Kapost

If you have multiple authors or different employees/agents working on social content and blog posts, Kapost is a great way to manage it all.

9. Social Search Engine Topsy

Topsy takes whatever keyword or phrase you give it and analyzes the social web in real-time. Basically, they’ve indexed every corner of the public social web, giving you access to critical time-sensitive insights as they occur.

10. SocialMention

11. Zemanta

Not big on research? Zemanta will bring images, articles and other web content to you as you write your content into WordPress or Blogger. This content discovery tool allows you to retain editorial control, so although you’re exposing similar content, you won’t be publishing about competitors.

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