Produce Content Marketing That Customers Care About | Content Marketing |

You can’t just snap your fingers and produce great content. To get stories and images that people actually care about, you need to address the higher-order problems your customers are facing today or will face tomorrow. You have to do the sustained work of thinking through these problems and coming up with relevant insights.


Consider Adobe’s new content-marketing strategy. Several years ago the company’s mainstay business of graphics applications was struggling against new competition, including free software. In response, executives made a concerted effort to step back and think about customers’ most important graphics-related problems. They saw that although online retailers were putting up fancy websites, the companies weren’t connecting their accumulated consumer data to the pages in order to drive sales. So Adobe invested in R&D and made some analytics-based acquisitions in order to develop a platform to make that possible. Dubbed the Marketing Cloud, this new platform would enable websites to show the right images to the right customers at the right time....

Via Jeff Domansky