Making useless to drive free users away
Not happy
5 Hacks for Creating Smarter and More Profitable Digital Content
Content marketing is a moving target
Five Content Mistakes That Most Companies Make #contentmarketing 
Content is critical for gaining online exposure -- in fact, it’s the only thing that matters. Even the ugliest websites can receive vast amounts of traffic if the content is fantastic and the promotion is effective. It’s also impossible to think about digital marketing these days without mentioni...
Why Your 2017 Content Strategy Won’t Work in 2018
"As more and more companies have gone all-in on content, they’ve flooded their channels with so much information that it’s hard for consumers to differentiate one brand’s information from another – let alone engage with all of them. " So true!
There is so much old-school SEO-optimized keyword soup on the web, it's disgusting...
How to set up a high-performance editorial calendar
Good advice there. Editorial planning a must
How To Use Medium for Growth Marketing – Growth Marketing Matters 
I have mixed feelings about medium because it can be a real time sucker. I receive my personalized Medium newsletter every day and consciously try to avoid doing more than glancing at it.  But one cannot ignore that it's becoming huge as a content marketing tool