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Content Marketing & Content Curation Tools For Brands
Content curation and content marketing at large help brands engage customers through fresh, rich and relevant content
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Rescooped by Therese Torris from Content curation trends!

The age of curation: From abundance to discovery

The age of curation: From abundance to discovery | Content Marketing & Content Curation Tools For Brands |

Novembre 2013,  As power shifts to consumers—who can program their own content using powerful technology and simple interfaces—curation moves out of the hands of professionals and into communities, platforms and algorithms. 

Via Guillaume Decugis
Therese Torris's insight:

Excellent analysis and food for thought by Laurent Colombani departing from 3 major insights

The rise of individual and social consumption driven by smartphones and tabletsThe end of content scarcity as digital distribution achieves ubiquityA shift away from ownership enabled by "always-on" networks
mark ivey 's curator insight, March 9, 2014 12:31 PM

Excellent piece filled with stats and studies illustrating how content creation, distribution and curation are shifting...more consumer driven, from multiple platforms and players, and more automation. Companies will be challenged to stay on top of these trends, and continue creating high quality, consumer focused content that "surprises" its readers (vs churning out predictable content). Creativity and innovation will be even more critical as we move ahead...

David Enríquez's curator insight, March 18, 2014 5:31 AM
Los resultados de la encuesta destacan tres tendencias clave en 2013: 1. El aumento del consumo individual y social impulsado por smartphones y tablets.2. El fin de la escasez de contenidos, la distribución digital logra la ubicuidad.3. Un alejamiento de la propiedad habilitada por redes "always-on".
Carolyn Black's curator insight, March 20, 2014 7:11 AM

Fascinating data-driven information about online curation.

Scooped by Therese Torris!

Wake up call : “Content and commerce” is hardest for the media who need it the most

Wake up call : “Content and commerce” is hardest for the media who need it the most | Content Marketing & Content Curation Tools For Brands |

PandoDaily : It just kinda rolls off the tongue. Content and commerce. Suddenly every website with creative descriptions of its merchandize is doing “content” and every blog that links to Amazon is ...

Therese Torris's insight:

Author Erin Griffith has discovered how difficult it is to go from being a media, from being about content, to doing commerce. Online advertising has delivered. New "content and commerce" models don't work either for the media. Its seems to be easier for eCommerce start-ups to develop content than for the media to become commerce sites.


What the author does not address is the importance of user expectations and their resulting intentions. It's difficult for media to drive shopping conversion because readers have other expectations of media sites. They want first and foremost information. It's hard to switch them into action, into shopping mode. 


By contrasts, eCommerce sites need only to apply a little bit of varnish of content; a bit of story telling and/or social media to attract viewers to their product descriptions. Products and prices are front and center to these sites and consumers come to them with the right expectations, if not in a shopping fever.  


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