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From the original article: by The Huffington Post

A popular trend is using YouTube to amalgamate a series of short clips into one video.


Take the adidas 120 edition video as an example which uses multiple clips of everyday people doing things in line with the brand message 'head over heart'.


The brand is acting as the curator for their audiences, and making the fans feel involved by including them in the video.


Another brand that has brought the fans into the video is the Google Chrome advert where they showcased Lady Gaga's from around the globe and made a combined video generating nearly 4 million views. This can play on nostalgia, for example the 100 years of East London Style video, this offers a quick snippet of time progression with is essentially delivering 100 years in 100 seconds of film which generated 2.5 millions views.


There are lots of examples of this being highly popular, one more example being the curation of 100 YouTube videos that combined to make up one Led Zeppelin song from fans around the world, which was featured on Mashable as their viral video of the day. 

Via Robin Good