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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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How Quora Can Give Your Business a Boost

How Quora Can Give Your Business a Boost | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
If you have heard people rave about how Quora works for them, and wonder how you can put together a winning strategy, this article is essentia
janlgordon's insight:

I selected this article from Curatti written by Daniel Ndukwu because it provides insights on increasing your website traffic with Quora.


How to attract more subscribers for your business.


Quora as a Website Lead Generator


Driving interested visitors to your website can be enhanced with the right resources. I agree that Quora can help attract more readers.


Ndukwu shows you what he discovered after a 30 day challenge and the growth his website experienced.


Here's what caught my attention:


  • People who share information on Quora come from different backgrounds and knowledge levels. Readers are drawn to interesting and unique answers.


  • When launching out onto the knowledge platform you want to plan your approach first. Set up your profile to reflect your niche and level of expertise.


  • There are thousands of topics in Quora and more being added each day. Choose and follow the ones that make the most sense to your business.


Selected by Jan Gordon for Curatti covering Curation, Social Business and Beyond


Read full article here:


Stay informed on trends, insights, what's happening in the digital world become a Curatti Insider today

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Twitter Adds 'Top News' and 'Top People' to Search Results

Pamela Vaughn just posted this on Hubspot "Twitter adds two new features to search functionality: "Top News" and "Top People"


"Turns out Twitter has been a little sneaky today. With no word from the official Twitter Blog, it looks like the microblogging service is slowly and quietly rolling out two new features to its search functionality:

"Top News" and "Top People."

This afternoon, GigaOm reported that, for certain lucky users, now includes a "Top News" section at the top of search results.

These "Top News" results highlight relevant, timely news articles about the topic being searched.

Marketing Takeaway

**There has yet to be an official announcement from Twitter about the launch of these new features and when they'll be available to all users, but marketers should be aware that they're coming.

**We don't yet know how Twitter is determining which articles to feature in its top news section, and they don't appear to be tweets,

**but once we do know, marketers should understand if and how they can leverage it to get their content in front of more Twitter searchers.

Read full article: []

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Thoora Releases Intelligent Content Discovery Engine To The Public

Thoora Releases Intelligent Content Discovery Engine To The Public | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This is the whole article, just in case any of you missed seeing this.

Thoora Releases Intelligent Content Discovery Engine To The Public

By, Published: September 22

Since its launch in 2009, content discovery engine Thoora has been in private beta. But today the site, which combines aggregation, curation and search for personalized news streams, is stepping our of private beta and is now public.

There’s no doubt that there is a content overload when it comes to news sites, blogs and social networks. Thoora discovery engine that gives users a new way to discover, monitor and share news from the web on specific topics.

Thoora’s patented engine scours 28 million online sources and uses more than 100 signals to find and rank content. Thoora allows users to curate results by topic, and the engine learns from that curation, and starts delivering a more personalized feed.

**You can build topics with multiple keywords, curate content by ‘favorite’-ing or removing articles, posts, and specific sources, filter by Twitter stream, and more.

**Users can also share their Thoora searches to their social networks, including Facebook and Twitters.

So what took Thoora so long to launch its product to the public? The startup says that there’s been an explosion of social media and content since 2009 and Thoora was working on integrating this into the application. The startup was also working on its proprietary technology that curates and aggregates news.

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New: “Google Related” Toolbar Shows Google Content As You Surf

New: “Google Related” Toolbar Shows Google Content As You Surf | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This is going to be very useful to content curators. When you're curating a piece and you're adding context, to show trends, patterns, research what others have said, you have many links up at the same time.




Google has just released a new info discovery tool named Google Related that allows users to find and access content that's similar to what they're viewing...

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Content Curation: Why Detecting Emerging Patterns Is Crucial?

Content Curation: Why Detecting Emerging Patterns Is Crucial? | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

Romain Goday, wrote this piece for Darwin Ecosystems I've had some great discussions with Romain and he truly understands what it takes to be a relevant curator.

He lists the top reasons why content curators need to pay attention to them.

We all know the service Content Curators provide in cutting through the noise on the Web, and new tools that are coming out will enable more and more people to become curators.

This is what caught my attention:

** Successful Curators will need the tools that enable them to latch onto new trends in their area of expertise. 

Those who are able to discern patterns and report on them in a timely manner will

***Link together pieces of the information puzzle so that others may see what had previously been missed

***Provide insights on the significance of events

***Demonstrate how those events evolve

***The emergence of patterns is a sign that something is happening

***The ability to understand and Curate new patterns and generate buzz around them, is what stands Expert Curators above the growing crowd

Romain's own takeaway is that Patterns should be the starting point for Curation.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"

Read the full article here: []

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How To Leverage Klout Topic Pages To Build Your Business

I personally think the way Klout measures influence and contribution is rather iffy and I'm happy about the topic pages because it's a great way to curate content and connect with people of like minds. All sorts of opportunities are possible.


Klout Topic Pages:

Once we get to Klout, we find on TOPICS on the left menu. This allows us to see the TOPICS a particular user is talking most about (and most recently) in their social circles. We find the TOPIC relevant to what we’re looking for and click on that. The result is the page to the right (click to enlarge).

Not only can we find a list of “influentials” on the topic of cheesecase, but we can see some of their “fans” as well. We can dive deep into each users social content as well, providing they’ve linked their other social services to Klout.

If we’re looking for connections and content (our own meaning making for our own business), the Klout “score” is more of a secondary guide rather than the elephant sitting in the judgment chair.

Remember the toggle: You can click right into a person’s Twitter or Facebook (or whatever) right from any of these Klout pages.

Via maxOz, ABroaderView
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Smart Social Curation Site Launch: Connects Experts, Topics & Audience

NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ziff Davis Enterprise (ZDE), a leader in innovative enterprise IT media and...




Smart Social works for a variety of IT technology solution offerings and allows marketers to share content with social value and variable depth on a broader level. When combined with third-party subject matter expertise, Smart Social enables a vendor's sales teams to proactively engage with customers and respond to their needs.


"One of the main principals of Smart Social is engaging the conversation where it currently exists and amplifying it using our editorial, custom curation, and relevant assets," said Anthony Adams, Senior Vice President of Products, Ziff Davis Enterprise.


"The current approach, used by many in our space, is to build destination sites and try to engage a conversation there. With Smart Social, we build a curation site and bring the assets and experts to the conversation where it is naturally happening."

Smart Social is fully turnkey, thereby reducing the strain on the sponsor's internal resources. Ziff Davis Enterprise creates, manages and nurtures the growth of every Smart Social program.


This includes the development of custom blog posts, discussion threads, and custom groups to ensure audience alignment with the topic. Ziff Davis Enterprise Subject Matter Experts will work with the sponsoring vendor to showcase how they can solve critical, detailed user issues and foster community around solutions.

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What Content Curation is & how it will help all of us!!

What Content Curation is & how it will help all of us!! | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
Content Curation and Content Overload

Written by Bharati Ahuja from Webprotechnologies

I thought this post was a great segue to today's launch of It has been an amazing experience to participate in the beta version. I literally found my voice and began to share content that I find relevant which helps me stay informed about curation and other topics that interest me. Scoopit is definitely on the leading edge as you'll see when you read what the author has to say about curation.

This article explains what content curation is and why it will literally change the way we search. is a site that will help you to follow a topic rather than just one person. You can follow many people who are curating content on this topic as well. They talk about why this is so important today because of content overload. I must sound like I'm trying to sell scoopit, I'm not but the more I read about curation, the more I see that the vision of the founders of this platform are right on target!!

Below is an excerpt of what caught my attention from this post.


Content curation is about finding the most relevant content about a topic online and listing all the relevant links found on that topic after a thorough research on the web. Now the reliability and the quality of links will depend on the knowledge and sensibilities of the curator. But once people find his findings to be valuable and worth a read I am sure the blog, website or any other platform he uses to share that set of links will be surely be regularly read and followed. So, content curators are basically people who do the search activity for you and present the results in the form of ‘Ready To Eat’ food packages or like instant coffee.
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