Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
Covering the ongoing evolution of curation & beyond; the impact & innovation
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Jeremiah Owyang Speaks at LeWeb “State of Social Business” Timely & Relevant

Jeremiah Owyang, A Partner at Altimeter Group shares at LeWeb, “State of Social Business”, important information you need to know if you're in social media or your business is embarking on a social media strategy.

He introduced the Social Business Hierarchy Needs Report at LeWeb in addition to his keynote address.

Jeremiah Owyang says that in 2012 the main focus will be on social, local and mobile data. In his talk, he says that social is so new, and companies aren't ready for it. They don't know what it is they need, therefore, they don't have the right talent in place to move forward.

If you're in one of these companies or servicing one of them, this presentation is something you won't want to miss.

My commentary:

As an entrepreneur, always being drawn to the "cutting edge" I can tell you from past experience, it's important to know that social business is still in its very early stages. Even if you have the latest and greatest widget or service, if people aren't ready you will be spinning your wheels.

Here's the most valuable lesson I can pass on to you having been a pioneer in Cable TV and the internet.

**Know where the marketplace is now and understand what you need to do now to get ready and operate successfully

**Is your product or service too early? Are there enough early adopters who know they need what you're offering or is there too much of an education process ahead before you see ROI

**Is there something you can do right NOW to fill a need and establish the right relionships to build your business accordingly while you wait for the market to evolve?

**If you're a company, this talk will help you to see what it is you need, what you're lacking,  and where you are in general with all of this, so you can put the right infrastructure in place and move in the right direction

"Make everyone in your business a diplomat, the rest is orchestration"

Commentary and selection by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"

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Entrepreneurship is Our Revolution

This inspirational post was written by Steve Blank,  who teaches entrepreneurship to both undergraduate and graduate students at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University and the Columbia University/Berkeley Joint Executive MBA program. author of the incredible book "Four Steps to the Epiphany" and so much more.

I wanted to share an article before Thanksgiving that really spoke to me and the hearts of many. I have been looking for days and felt when the right one came along, I would know it. This is that piece. No disrespect to the author, I moved things around and broke up paragraphs into smaller bites. They were so inspiring they almost jumped off the page.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. So grateful to have this platform and a wonderful community of fellow travelers on this path to share the journey.


"This Thanksgiving season, it might seem there’s less to be thankful for. One out of eleven of Americans is out of work. Many pundits say the American dream is dead and see further decline of the West, particularly the US."

"When it's darkest men see the stars.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

My prediction:

"this decade may well be our country’s finest hour

the beginning of an economic revolution as important as the scientific revolution in the 16th century and the industrial revolution in the 18th century.

**This entrepreneurial revolution will permanently reshape business as we know it

**More importantly, change the quality of life for all who come after us."

**It’s possible we’ll look back to this decade as the beginning of our own revolution.

**It may even be the dawn of a new era for a new American economy built on entrepreneurship and innovation.

****Our children will look back on and marvel that when it was the darkest, we saw the stars.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Entrepreneurs and Beyond"

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