Steve Myers wrote this piece for Poynter




"The buzzwords for social media editors at news outlets are conversation, curation and collaboration. But when using Twitter and its ilk to collect and disseminate news in real-time, another word is becoming just as important: corroboration.


During big, breaking events such as Hurricane Irene, the East Coast earthquake and uprisings in the Middle East, social media editors monitor Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. They ask people what they’re seeing and spread eyewitness accounts and images to a broader audience.


Yet they’re finding that it’s not enough simply to share accurate information. They also must try to stem the flow of inaccurate information.


They become debunking editors, real-time Snopes who cast a skeptical eye on the dramatic photo that’s making the rounds. Even if they decide that something is a hoax, simply declining to share it isn’t enough.