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http://www.mfauscette.com Enterprise software analyst, blogger, author, speaker and executive at IDC focused on emerging trends in the enterprise, which currently includes social, mobile, cloud and the networked business.


Formerly a software executive at a wide range of software vendors including Autodesk, PeopleSoft and MRO, Inc and three silicon valley software startups, I moved to the analyst side in 2006.




Einstein said "everything must be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler". That concept, often tied to Occam's Razor, is very powerful when looking at new theories and models.


I decided to apply this process to social business and in so doing something emerged that I believe is very useful in understanding social in the enterprise.


In a document that we published last year called The Social Business Framework, we explored the two key levers that can be applied to socialize business, content and community. A year later and after quite a bit of research on social business, I now believe that there was a missing element beyond content and community that is critical for building a complete enterprise social strategy. This third element is collaboration.