I must say, I agree with the author of this piece, Kevin Minott is a 3D artist and tech enthusiast.

He says:

"FaceBook might have our social graph and LinkedIn our business contacts, but Twitter is the heart of our social media presence. It is the nexus point where our offline and online lives converge."

Here's what caught my attention:

From a catastrophic world event, to your babies first steps, it all funnels into Twitter for peer acknowledgement. Just check your timeline and you’ll see thousands of people posting to their Tumblrs, Posterous, and Instagram while conversing about the post on Twitter. The content is created on alternate networks, but Twitter is where it is consumed.

Despite the fact that the majority of the traffic to this blog comes from a combination of Google search and Stumbleupon, I still find myself writing a post and immediately checking Twitter to gauge reader reactions. Is it being retweeted, discussed or ignored? Like the tree in the forest, my blog post doesn’t seem to make an impact until it gets the Twitter stamp of approval.