Could Tween Social Network, Everloop Become Zuckerberg's Next Audience for Facebook? | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
It will definitely be interesting to watch Everloop and the tween market as Zuckerberg contemplates his foray into this younger audience.

Here's an excerpt:

Kid blocking cameraNow or in the near future, Facebook wants your kids. And your kids, face it, want their Facebook.

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg made headlines for saying Facebook should, eventually, be a place for pre-teens, a controversial declaration in light of recent evidence that 43% of European pre-teens have illegally skirted the social network's limit on users under 13.

"This is a kid's world," DeCesare, founder tells Fast Company. "The way adults correspond, communicate, and post information is very different than children. We want them to be comfortable acting as children while becoming comfortable with social tools." Everloop, does, in the end, need to be appealing to kids, and talkative adults might seriously kill the buzz of Bieber-themed, abbreviation-laden chatter.