How A Social Media User Becomes A Social Media Leader - What You Need To Do | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This article was written by Dave Larsen for Kissmetrics, he has some very good advice and takeaways.


As you build your reputation as a leader, your reputation will begin to take on a life of its own.

"I abandoned my twitter account months ago. My abandoned account got tens of thousands of followers anyway. It was an incredible lesson to me. Many people even kept tweeting personal recommendations of the old account name until they figured out the change.

Because it was on tons of list, recommended in many, many blog posts, etc., people attracted to the reputation just kept arriving.

****And all I did was start by helping. Done right, helping is the highest quality and most efficient interaction possible, as it also creates connections, and builds reputation.

****Everyone can help someone.

****If you can help one person, you can help two, and if you can help two, you have already started building a community, and creating your reputation as a leader in that community.

Don’t lose sight of always creating quality interactions and making quality connections.

****Use the quality scale and be ruthless with your time, and you too can quickly be acknowledged as an awesome leader yourself!"

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