Klout has competition, Peoplebrowsr announces new social influence tracker, ‘Kred’ | Curation, Social Business and Beyond | Scoop.it

The first totally transparent social scoring system to evaluate influence among communities and reward generosity.

Kred has been announced today. I’ve had a look and there is a lot of data to view, and of course since it is very community driven, you can infinitely drill into topics and content on the site. Kred is officially launching on October 3rd.

Brands want access to reach, not just influence

What I find most interesting, Peoplebrowsr says that brands aren’t as interested in influence as they’re interested in reach. Kred creates a collective reach for a range of different topics, sorted by communities.

For example, your Twitter Bio data is used to define communities and then Peoplebrowsr calculates a combined influence and outreach level score for that community. You can then get ranked within that community, instead of an overall ranking with others you aren’t even similar to.

Measuring influence on topics as a starting point instead of broadly with followers and other social statistics is very smart. That’s why the Kred system is based on two scores; Influence and Reach.