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The amount of content online is growing, and with it comes the need for a new kind of information gatekeeper.


We all know there's content on the web is overwhelming and there are people who are organizing, aggregating and commenting on content to help make sense of the web. Now companies are getting in on the act.......




Companies, eager to find the most effective way to broadcast their message across the Web, have started to embrace digital curation as a means of staying relevant to consumers. In the process of creating this content, however, they are starting to blur the line between editorial and advertising — what folks in the marketing business call “advertorial” and “branded content.” A majority of the more popular branded, digital curation sites are in fashion and luxury goods, where it is possible — even desirable — to curate an aspirational lifestyle around specific products.


Here's what caught my attention:


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with corporations putting their content on the Web, but it does begin to raise questions about how these companies are starting to influence what we see, hear and read online. It’s getting harder and harder to tell "sponsored stories" from real stories and “promoted tweets” from real tweets. Sometimes browsing the Web is like watching a really clever infomercial or reading a magazine insert and not even realizing that you’re consuming little more than clever advertising.