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This post was written by Romain Goday for Darwin Ecosystem.

Managing information overload is hard! Search and discovery are very different. This post summarizes the advantages of content discovery engines over search.

Here are some highlights that caught my attention:

**Search provides an answer  Discovery  provides awareness.

Search vs Discovery: Advantages of Interenet Content Discovery Tools

**Awareness instead of specific answers

   A content discovery engine helps users ensure that they are not missing important information related to their topic of interest.

**Provide ongoing content

**The frequency with which the user decides to monitor new developments depends primarily on time frame related for their need for awareness as well as speed of information flow

**Whether new content is monitored every hour, every day or every week, discovery remains a continuing process.

**Focus on fresh content

**the common trait of discovery engines is their emphasis in newly published information

**Facilitate content selection by the user

**With discovery engines, users receive topic-relevant content and are the judges of what is relevant to them, in the moment, based on their own experience, expertise and context


**Rely on search when you know what you are looking for (you need an answer and want to find the best resources) and this information is not very time sensitive

**Use content discovery tools when you need to know what is going on (what is new, what are people discussing right now) and want to find out what you don’t know

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