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The Browser looks interesting, worth checking out.




"Henry Lane Fox, the chief executive of The Browser, doesn't like the term "curation". But he's staking his reputation on precisely that, by building a high-end, human-powered engine for linking to the best and most intelligent writing online."


“The challenge for us is to get a manageable reading list that will appeal to the intellectually curious,” he explains when we meet in his office, squirreled away in the upper reaches of a building in the very center of London. It’s about “trying to find the best writing across a range of subjects”.


Each day is spent finding good material: today’s recommended reads, for example include an essay on income inequality in India from Guernica magazine, and an opinionated piece on the use of torture by British and American military that ran in the U.K. Independent. It’s a varied bag.


The idea was to bring the two together to build a destination site that generated its own material, linked to others and simply built an audience by recommending great reading. Bringing the two together has worked so far, with unique user numbers rising to 250,000 per month (around 50,000 are dedicated readers, he says) and more on the way.


Expansion plans include turning more passers-by into hardcore fans, as well as stepping away from text and into multimedia.


The site plans to extend into “videos, photo-essays, different kinds of content. We don’t necessarily want to restrict ourselves… it would be easy to get caught in a niche business, and I’ve seen that happen to a lot of people online.”


Even in this broad sphere, though, The Browser is not without competition — indeed, its strategy is somewhat reminiscent of what The Atlantic is doing with its Atlantic Wire, video curation and photo collation.