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Robin Good found this wonderful piece

A short article by Jay Pinkert, but pointing to an increasingly critical issue for anyone interested in curation. The value differential.

From the article: "The essence of curation, then, is the curator’s informed and discriminating point of view and active participation.


As with most endeavors that require extra personal attention and effort, there’s strong temptation to look for shortcuts – that means you, and Summify.


It’s worth noting that Twitter ranking/management clients like TwitCleaner classify tools that auto-aggregate and auto-tweet your content feed as “app spam.”


Over-reliance on those tools can negatively impact your social media profile and rankings, and those items are less likely to be stichared than ones you’ve clearly considered and bundled on your own."

However, there are other applications that help make the work of genuine curation more manageable.

Four of the most promising content curation tools are:


*  (Jan)   I love Scoopit! Easy to use, online community, looks good



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