Winning The SEO Battle Through Content Curation - Forbes | Content Curation Is Not Social Media |

Yup, Pawan Deshpande, our friend from Curata, got covered by Forbes. Even so, it amazes me how most content curators don't understand RSS Feed curation. It also amazes me how many SEOs don't understand content curation combined with topical theme clustering. (Yes, linear keyword research is dead). Robin Good is right that SEOs generally do not understand content curation. Pawan, however, is someone who understands all three: Advanced SEO, Content Curation, and Feed Curation-Syndication. You can tell someone who 'gets' all three disciplines by the way they layer, curate and 'feed integrate' their top level website domains/properties. Generally, you will find zero third party advertising on their primary branded domains. (It's technical as well as human).