This is a great article on curation from Finger Tips Music. There is much confusion out there, some people say content curation is just a buzz word, it is so much more and what I've highlighted below is just the tip of the iceberg.


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Here's what caught my attention:


Curating is not just filtering


****Curators must keep selections to a rigorous minimum.


**One long-running model is the site Very Short List, which selects but one thing a day to inform you about.


****The difference between filtering and curating is, however, more than quantitative.


******A curator aims to present web content in a manner that removes it from the medium’s inherent endlessness as well as its relentless robotic-ness.


****** This can be done only with the care and attention of an individual intelligence.


*******A curator, alive to context and nuance, has a voice, a sensibility, a vibe; there is something inherently idiosyncratic about curating.

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