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The Advertising Standards Board has nipped complaints in the bud and will allow Bonds to use the word boobs in its advertising campaign for bras, writes SmartCompany editor Melinda Oliver.

Bonds has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Bureau for its new “Boobs” advertisement, which roused at least 15 complaints after it launched in October.

The advertisement, which replaced the well-known Bonds logo with the word “Boobs” and featured images of women in bras and underwear, caused controversy for its use of the word.

The ASB board reviewed the complaints and ruled in favour of Bonds, noting the word boobs is defined as a colloquial term for women’s breasts in the Macquarie Dictionary.

The controversial campaign was designed to promote the apparel brand’s fresh offer of bras, which come in a broader range of sizes and fits. The company hired Clemenger BBDO to produce the campaign and invested in billboards, online and print advertising to promote it. At the time of launch, a spokesperson for the ASB said 15 official complaints had been made about the campaign.


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