Consumer Engagement of IMC
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Consumer Engagement of IMC
Milestone 1 : IMC Consumer Engagement
Curated by Connie Guan
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Rescooped by Connie Guan from Marketing Communications Partnerships!

Integrated Marketing Communications - Then And Now - Forbes

Integrated Marketing Communications - Then And Now - Forbes | Consumer Engagement of IMC |
So I'm thinking I may need to see a doctor or someone in the medical profession for it is becoming quite apparent that I am addicted to integrated marketing communications or at the very least I am obsessively compulsive over it.

Via Paula Hudson
Connie Guan's insight:

In recent economic climate, Integration of marketing technique is essential. In terms of online marketing campaign, it is believed that the companies have not been focusing well on that consumers are able to scheme their site with ease. Any good production result consists of ease and convenience of accessing. In order to produce high conversional rate, company should concentrate on streamlining their own website, and make sure they are always navigate with ease and user friendly for consumers.


Based on the definition of IMC, IMC is generating a voice of company which straightly speaks to various customers. Nowadays, it has been even more significant as the social media is coming up, and this will keep undergoing over these years. When you serve a customer, you will ensure you have a right communication with the customer, so as to deliver a right message at that very right time.

Cecilia Sagote's curator insight, May 22, 2013 5:13 AM

In this day and age, Integrating marketing communications is essential for businesses to survive...Traditional and expensive methods don't appear to be as effective anymore..By combining and integrating marketing strategies,would ensure a wider audience. Social media plays a big part in IMC and would likely to take the biggest peice of the IMC puzzle..A successful IMC program requires that marketers find how to use the various IMC tools to make such contacts and deliver the branding message.  


Another article stated that more customers are likely to be attracted to social media. Studies also show that the current market multi-task a lot due to busy careers and customers in general just being more demanding.. People surf the net while they watch tv, people listen to music while reading a magazine and this has now been taken into account in modern era - modern marketing strategies create more effective marketing and grab a wider audience. 

Jing Yang's curator insight, August 13, 2013 1:46 PM

The current integrated maketing communication is using a different commucations methods to transfer or transit the companies' information to their stakeholders or customers. As the development of information technology, the types or tools of marketing commucation are getting integrated and diverse. Therefore, seeking a marketing communication partner is more necessary for an organisation. Because, if the commercial partnership has made, it means that these collabrative companies can assist each other to promote their brands and products. The promotion cost will be saved and the time will save as well. As well as, these business can ultilize their collabrative companies strength to cover their weakness.

Sarah Johnston's curator insight, August 23, 2013 12:16 AM

What is Integrated Marketing Communications? Well, many don't really seem to know - or not EXACTLY at least. Opinions and explanations of IMC have varied over time, and there is no real set defition. However, we all seem to know that integrated marketing is indeed important. 
Business success seems to be increased dramatically by the use of both offline and online communications. 
Consumers want consistency, and they want it in different forms. They want to read about the business/offer in a flyer or paper, then go online to research further. They want to find what they're looking for easily by searching the same key words they saw in the offline marketing.
Without integrated marketing, a consumer might hear about your product or service, try and find out about it later and come up empty handed.
Integrated marketing is about getting more information out to more consumers - connecting to more consumers will of course mean a greater chance of sales and ultimate business success. 

Rescooped by Connie Guan from IMC- Consumer Engagement!

How Samsung Used Angry Birds to Generate Over 12 Million Minutes of Brand Engagement

How Samsung Used Angry Birds to Generate Over 12 Million Minutes of Brand Engagement | Consumer Engagement of IMC |
In an overcrowded and over-hyped marketplace, how do you generate genuine buzz around a smartphone launch? Samsung tapped the most popular birds in the world.

Via The Digital Rocking Chair, With Intent, 록시, Keane Orchard
Connie Guan's insight:

Greater recognitions and more eye attractions is what any global company expects. In the field of enterprise commerce, global company is seeking to catch, obtain and transfer this population onto purchasing made. It is obvious that global brand is able to use social game for achieving a large active user’s population. 


Social gaming player is actively engaged with others, and publishing results of the achievement to others outside gaming experience. However, on the network, both playing indirectly and recommendations to others through the “Like” button. It is the important functioning button for spreading of opinion, and it has been significant to global brands for many years. So social gaming should be a newly way to engage in consumer’s behaviors.

Finau Tuipulotu's comment, April 4, 2013 1:10 PM
Agree with you Connie social gaming should be a newly way to engage in customers behavior because some consumers will find it interesting.
Srishti Jain's comment, April 7, 2013 7:55 AM
This article gives one of the best examples of how a brand understood a consumer and changed according to the technology . Samsung understood the market and introduced global brands .Social gaming was the new way to engage consumer.
Crystal Ma's comment, April 7, 2013 8:22 AM
A good example for mobile games, Angry Birds, successfully to achieve large number of customers used social games far more often than they watched prime-time television shows, and as the number one mobile game in the world.
Rescooped by Connie Guan from IMC- Brands & Brand Management; The Importance of Brands!

The Importance of Brand

The Importance of Brand | Consumer Engagement of IMC |

"The brand itself tells us or lets us imagine how good or bad the product is even if we never tasted it before."

Via Keane Orchard
Connie Guan's insight:

Brand is significant as it separates a product/service at the thoughts of the customers from other competitive offerings. The differences prevent a slip into products commoditization, and it leads to environments where customer’s choices focus mostly on pricing. Branding supports bigger gross margins, and it is why most products seem mostly the same but on different prices.


In my opinion, brand provides a connection. Being the consumers, we tend to expect things surrounding us are familiar. For this reason, brand becomes familiar in our lives and we seek them out, such as, toothpaste from Crest, shoes from Nike, soft drink from Coca-Cola. As we live with the familiar ones, we build the long term relationship with brand. Walter Landor stated that "Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind." Whereas brand means differences to consumer, the main point is the connection between the brands and the consumers.

Zhaowei Lu's comment, March 21, 2013 10:40 AM
I quite like this point you provide. as time goes by, there has been so many different brands coming up , If a brand does not have its own logo , how can make people remember and identify them.The article gives an example for Nike which is also business, once the brand has established , the buyers can identity and choose which brand is what they want. Brand has its own logo, Which also present this brand's quality, services, style, image , it also helps people identity them
Jieyi Situ's comment, March 21, 2013 9:23 PM
Need to say again, a strong brand is really important for a company, it's part of the equity of the company. Once customers try the product, like it and buy it again, the brand is kinda successful. A good brand can reduce customers' time for selecting. And I do very agree with the comment above, if one person wearing a brand, we will find people who are his/her friends might also wearing this same brand. A brand should provide better product and service for getting customers' loyalty.
Sarah Johnston's curator insight, August 22, 2013 11:43 PM

Branding is highly important. Products and services with good branding are able to be picked out from a group as they can be recognised more easily then regular products. Good branding can be defined as something that is familiar to consumers - something that is remembered, something that has a memorable logo and even slogan. For instance Nike - this is a good, remembered brand as they have the tick logo and "Just Do It" slogan, that consumers remember after buying the product and being satisfied with the outcome.
Without this branding, consumers could love the product, but not really know who made it/ where it came from, and therefore probably will not go out to find their other products later. Knowing that something is "Nike" or another specific brand, means the consumer can continue to buy from Nike, suggest it to friends and other members of the public will notice the logo as well and can look up the brand as well.
Branding creates an image, promotes sales, promotes long-term customers and loyalty. Branding is highly important to success.