Consumer Engagement: How this happen's.... or not!
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Consumer Engagement: How this happen's.... or not!
Consumer engagement: What is it? How does it happen....or not!
Curated by Mike Kirkwood
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All Good Bananas - Listen to your conscience

Ogilvy Auckland's objective was to get shoppers to consider purchasing All Good Fair-trade bananas while at the supermarket. To do this, they used a new audi...
Mike Kirkwood's insight:

In terms of consumer engagement I had to use this video. It's awesome its creative innovative and engaging. As a consumer myself I had never heard of all good bananas, I will never forget the brand now, even though I have never tried them. This is a great example of consumer engagement and IMC principles. The elements of brand identity, brand awareness, brand image and the big idea are all being built within the minds of consumers through engagement via a novel approach to communication. Consumers want to be a part of this IMC process and a clear organising idea is apparent. Ethical bananas - listen to your concience, a genius play!

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Fuse Youth Marketing Agency, Youth Marketing Experts

Fuse Youth Marketing Agency, Youth Marketing Experts | Consumer Engagement: How this happen's.... or not! |
Consumer Engagement

Consumer engagement is the resulting impact of a brand interacting with consumers through of a variety of marketing initiatives. The goal of consumer engagement is to create meaningful consumer impact and generate either a behavioral result (such as driving a sale or inquiry) or an attitudinal result (such as making an emotional impression or changing attitudes).


Consumer engagement typically includes the following practices

Digital and online programs, including a brand’s own websites and mobile platforms, as well as ‘third-party’ digital media, such as blogs and social media, video and other user generated content sites, where a brand’s content is relevantSports, music and event marketingPublic relationsTraditional advertisingRetail promotion


Experiential marketing along with digital and social media have an important place within consumer engagement efforts as they allow two-way consumer dialog. This can give a brand faster and more effective access to connect with consumers and allow brand and consumer to become collaborators on new products and marketing efforts.


Methods of measuring consumer engagement vary as widely as brands and business’ goals vary. Quantifiable metrics like number of targeted impressions and consumer replies as well as consumer attitudinal and behavior changes can be part of the measurement. Qualitative measures such as the ‘richness’ and personality of a brand’s interactions, can also be gauged.

Mike Kirkwood's insight:

This definition of consumer engagement is clear and concise. In my opinion I regard the tool of consumer engagement as vital. By creating a consumer engagement program that allows the brand to interact with consumers via advertising and social media should provide an emotional attachment to the brand and foster consumer buy in to the brand, I guess this is the meaninful impact that is mentioned in the article.

Sienna Jang's curator insight, August 10, 2013 6:04 AM

Sienna Jang's insight:

This article gives the clear definition and goal of consumer engagement. It says consumer engagement has a huge impact on brand interaction with consumers and it normally contains digital and online programs, such as brand website and social media. I agree that digital and social media plays an important part within consumer engagement, as nowadays, most of young people get the information from internet and they tend to use a lot of google along with social media. Therefore, many brands choose to use social media as one of marketing strategies, such as facebook and instagram. They post their brand’s news and photos on many kinds of social media so that consumers can receive news without being bothered connecting to the brands’ website themselves. This opens fastest two-way dialog between companies and consumers as it gets consumers to be active participants by giving their ideas and feedbacks to the company. To conclude, consumer engagement is a vital tool for brand marketing and for that, effective use of digital and social media is necessity to survive in the market competition

Kevin yau's comment, August 19, 2013 10:05 PM
@Sienna Jang
I agree with you that this article really shows a clear definition and goal of customer engagement. Also you have pointed out that how important social media is.
Michelle Kim's comment, August 20, 2013 8:13 AM
@Sienna Jang
you have made a good point, which was people can receive most recent news and information by social media without being bother type into brand website. Marketing agency can receive consumers' feed back just by people simply comment on brand's Facebook page, twitter and comment under photos on instgram or just by counting how many likes they have got. It is getting easier and simple dealing with consumer engagement by fast growing technology.
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Walmart propels Easter sales via interactive mobile campaign - Advertising - Mobile Commerce Daily

Walmart propels Easter sales via interactive mobile campaign - Advertising - Mobile Commerce Daily | Consumer Engagement: How this happen's.... or not! |
Wal-Mart's app wins for consumer engagement...but loses by linking to a site not optimized for #mobile.
Mike Kirkwood's insight:
In reading this article the process of consumer engagement and how it happens is clear. Walmart is using multiple channels within its IMC program via the use of mobile apps linked with thier own store web pages. The apps is geared towards getting people to play the game thus engaging consumers with the Walmart brand and its offerings and thier brands, (a dual effect). The app offers easter gift ideas through the game itself and encourages users to stock up on easter treats. (The easter egg game) also attaches an emotional response towards Walmart as Easter is a significant holiday both culturally and religiously. Consumers may feel a sense of duty to buy and stock up getting ready for Easter . Walmarts use of this platfrom in its IMC program can also easily be measured which strategically is a smart approach. Walmart engages consumers through the game using emerging and widespread technology giving options convinience to consumers building further brand equity. Shot Walmart.
Wenjing Zheng's curator insight, August 15, 2013 12:47 AM

This article clearly states the process of consumer engagement .Walmart apply the consumer engagement by use Mobile apps to linked their own web page. The apps are getting people to play the game which engaging consumers with its brand. Walmart use the apps as a smart way of IMC Program to increase the consumer engagement with consumer, and increase the brand equity.

JENNYHA's comment, August 18, 2013 9:31 AM
With the clutter of advertising messages we are bombarded with daily, an interactive game is a fun and novel way of engaging consumers.
What is most effective about the game is that it leads consumers to the point of purchase by taking them to the mobile-optimised site. It also shows where the nearest Walmart is located. Consumers who stop to play the game are probably on the search for Easter supplies and if not, it allows Walmart to be the top-of-the-mind brand when the consumer does need to buy candy. The game also has an appeal to children who love candy and have great influence over family purchase decisions.
Walmart seem to be leaders in engaging consumers on their mobile phones, incorporating technology such as QR codes, and location-based technology into their advertising. They are keeping up with trends allows companies to better target their consumers.
Enele Westerlund's comment, August 20, 2013 7:00 PM
Gaming - the best way for people to interact with a subject without even knowing. It's subtle, effective and provides a reason to stare at an advertisement longer.