IMC Milestone 1
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Objectives, Measurement and Program Planning

Objectives, Measurement and Program Planning | IMC Milestone 1 |
Five Helpful Hints to Jumpstart Your '11 Marcom Success This is "Annual Plan" season for many companies and so the next few blogs will focus on the brand and marketing communications planning proce...

Via Wendy Pham, Daryl Peterson
Parl Harrington's insight:

This article talks about how the business can be driven by using the SMART approach. Simple/specific – ensure objective is simple and straight forward

Measureable – what is the bench mark of the goal?

Achievable – the objective is possible to accomplished, start with something small and builds it over time.

Realistic – focuses on marketing communication to create brand awareness, market share and growth

Timeliness – Time frame for the objective to be met

These steps are useful for both business owners and those who may want to start their own business in the future. It provides guideline as well as advices in order for improvement. I agree with these five important steps. The marketers need to have an objective or specific goal for the business then think about what methods and how these goals can be achieved in the most appropriate way with the right amount of time. 

Ceres Wu's comment, August 22, 2013 1:22 AM
this article provides very good methods of the 5 mian points for company of marketing communications plainning process, which the well - stated SMARTobjectives, i found its simplely easy to understand how this means to work in the market. i really like it.
Rachel Bom Choi's comment, August 22, 2013 5:27 AM
@May Elizbeth . I found it simple and easy to understand the SMART obejective through this article. Interesting article May :')
Felix Feng's comment, August 22, 2013 5:42 AM
SMART is a good methos that easy understand and follow it. Those five objectives are the things that can not be ignored in the marketing communication program.
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American Idol's use of IMC | "Buy the Way…" Insights on Integrated ...

American Idol's use of IMC | "Buy the Way…" Insights on Integrated ... | IMC Milestone 1 |
American Idol has created an engaged audience that uses multiple mediums; I can't think of a brand that has created a higher level of user engagement and a successful IMC plan. Thank you for sharing this example of IMC!

Via Mike Kirkwood
Parl Harrington's insight:

This article is a great way to show how American Idol has implemented on the Integrated Marketing Communication to support its brand. The application/website provides an opportunity for people to interact and feel like they are part of their favourite show which is a great way to create a stronger relationship between marketers and consumers. All the information of judges, contestants, photos, videos as well as voting are up to date and available online. It’s an excellent example that other marketers can take in consideration when wanting to develop their brands as well taking advantage of the social media network that is widely used nowadays. 

Parambir Singh's comment, August 21, 2013 11:07 AM
Parl Harrington has brought forward a very interesting article on how brands practices IMC as a very effective measure for engaging the target audience through different available medias. The article views that how American Idol did used IMC for integration and engaging its audience for making it a grand success. It provided its audience with a vast choice to vote for the contestants through different social mediums like cellular networks, facebook, twitter and many other web portals. This single article focuses on many different dimensions of Integrated Marketing Communications.
Savanna Steele's comment, August 22, 2013 5:11 PM
What was interesting was that they mentioned that they receive both negative and positive feedback via social media, but most were entertaining. Even when there are negative comments made, the audience is encouraged to express their views, as interacting with the website and posting comments is the main focus. This article stated that American Idol began in 2002, and when we think about what social media was like back then compared to now, there has been dramatic changes, and the show has moved with that change integrating avenues for social interaction through the social media. Social media is the key the show to create a more personal connection with their audience.
Anna Bairstow's comment, August 22, 2013 11:38 PM
American Idol is the perfect example when it comes to the use of effective intergrated marketing communication (IMC). This is a good choice of article, Finau. Not only is the entertainment factor the key to it's success, but one of the main reasons American Idol has top ratings is because of it's clever marketing strategies. Like Savanna mentioned, the way it communicates to audiences and allows interaction and viewers to participate through voting, helps to generate interest and keep the attention of loyal viewers. It's Facebook, app, website, Twitter and other social media platforms all help to engage with viewers and to keep the experience of watching the show fun and almost addictive.
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4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement

4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement | IMC Milestone 1 |

Brands that don't understand online behavior engage with consumers at the worst times. Here's when customers are ready to shop and how to best connect with them.


Brands live and die by their ability to understand and target consumer behaviors. When digital marketing strategies align with consumer online shopping behaviors, it's a major accomplishment for brands eager to capture their share of the digital marketplace.


The catch is that marketers often base digital spend on assumptions and perceived consumer behavior rather than the actual ways consumers interact with brands online. As a result, investments designed to improve consumer engagement -- email promotions, social media interactions, mobile spend -- frequently miss the mark, compromising the brand's ability to connect with the right consumers at the right times.


The misalignment of brands and consumers is even more relevant during the holiday shopping season. For instance, a recent study showed that half of consumers are influenced by social media when making online purchases, but only 8 percent of Facebook campaigns and 4 percent of Twitter campaigns focus on money-saving promotions. Unless big brands effectively calibrate their marketing strategies to align with actual consumer behaviors, it's unlikely that they will be able to achieve holiday sales targets -- not to mention sales goals for the rest of the year.


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Parl Harrington's insight:

This article discussed the important steps of improving consumer engagement through using digital marketing strategies such as appropriate timing to send out discounts through emails, social media interaction and mobile spend. It also focuses on online consumer behaviours, which I believe is very important because once you know the patterns of their spending behaviour it is easier to target the consumer needs and wants.

The four tips provided are start early, segment your audience, consider timing and leverage mobile. As a consumer who shops very often online, I can relate some of these steps to my experience. First of all, the promotions through email have to be effective which means it grabs attention and is appealing to customers e.g. 30% off sales during a given period of time. Sometimes I buy products that I don’t really need just yet but because they’re on sales which is cheaper than the usual retail price I feel the need to buy them anyway just to stock up so I don’t have to pay the full price later. I also have a smart phone and use a lot of shopping applications like Trademe and Ebay etc. Regularly I use them to purchase items online when I’m not at home on the computer but a lot of time I use them to compare prices between retail and online in order to make the best bargain for myself. 


Joly Yuan's curator insight, September 26, 2013 10:37 AM

This article is mainly about specific consumer engagement, referring to the online retailers. The article states how to improve consumer engagement when digital marketing strategies align with consumer online shopping behaviors. It is suggested that the best ways to improve consumer engagement is to have the right timing with the right consumers. Then the author indicates that there are four useful steps to improving consumer engagement. Firstly, it is better to start early to promote specials, discounts, and exclusive offers to consumers. Secondly, bands need to segment their consumer, and send more frequent and urgent messaging to reminder audiences to shop with us. Thirdly, the marketers should understand when the right time for consumer online shopping. Lastly, marketers should interact with the consumer on mobile more frequently. In my opinion, this article is really helpful for understanding ways in which businesses can improve consumer engagement.

Kimberley Mar's curator insight, March 18, 2014 7:10 AM

This article reinforces the importance of improving consumer engagement for a brand. The survival of a brand is based on understanding and targeting consumer behaviour, which are vital to comprehend in order to maximize your brand's potential. For instance, online brands need to align their digital marketing strategies with consumer online shopping behaviours in order to capture a share of the digital market place. In order to do so, marketers need to understand the 'actual' ways consumers interact rather than make assumptions or perceptions of consumer behaviour. From this article I have extracted 4 concepts that a company could perform in order to improve their ability to engage with consumers via online channels of marketing: 1) Start Early, in relation to emailing promotions and including free shipping options, discounts and exclusive offers which will drive purchase decisions. 2) Segment Audience, by targeting shoppers with frequent and  urgent messages that have deadlines for offers in order to avoid message fatigue. 3) Consider Timing, relates to the release of the promotional material at specific times of the day when consumers are most likely to be online. By understanding these consumer buying patterns, marketers are able to establish a system that will release promotional materials at peek hours. 4) Leverage Mobile, will take advantage of the constant use of the mobile phone by enabling consumers to view messaging and interact with the brand via online platforms accessed via their mobile. High levels of consumer engagement are vital for the survival of a brand and once achieved, allows for comprehensive and consistent marketing strategies to be implicated. In conclusion, by aligning digital channel promotions with the real-world consumers behaviours, in the long term result in increased return of investment and establish strategies that deliver results. 

Shichi Zhong's curator insight, May 14, 2014 12:21 AM

Good article and very clear points. It mentioned that social media is now a very important tool to develop consumer engagement. I agree with this opinion, most people now choose online shopping rather than go to the physical stores. This is actually a marketing change from physical to online model. If companies want to improve consumer engagement they should pay more attention to social media area and online sale model. This is the future marketing key element. The author talk about 4 steps to improve consumer engagement,  these steps can truly help marketers to develop the market well via social media tools and therefore gain the consumers

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How Emotions Influence What We Buy

How Emotions Influence What We Buy | IMC Milestone 1 |
The emotional core of consumer decision-making
Parl Harrington's insight:

I find this article quite interesting; perhaps it’s something I can relate to with my own experience. The article’s main point talks about how consumers’ emotion influences their purchasing decision as well as evaluating brand names over information and features about the brand. Although, the article mentioned that a brand is only a mental representation of a consumer’s mind, I still think it’s a very crucial part for marketers to understand consumer behaviour as it leads to brand loyalty.

From my experience, I’ve made my first purchased of Mac cosmetic a couple of years ago and have had a successful experienced with them. As a result, I went onto buying more products within the same brand because of my first experience it lead me to become a loyal customer even if I have to pay a bit more than other cosmetic brands I know I am going to enjoy the product. Furthermore, after reading this article I’ve realised that it wasn’t because of the ingredients or the facts about this brand, it was my emotion which links to my past purchase experience with the brand. 

Hannah Joy Gaisford's comment, August 22, 2013 11:26 PM
Great article Oscar. It is amazing how much a consumer has already made up their mind about a product through their emotional response before they even buy it or come to understand it. It is so irrational to make decisions based on our emotions but we are only human and unfortunately that is what we do.
Swati Tiwary's comment, August 22, 2013 11:39 PM
Yes emotions are definitely how consumers can be drawn to a brand . By giving brands a human quality the consumers can relate to them better
Georgia Mackay's curator insight, September 16, 2013 7:06 PM

The article emphasises the importance of a marketer's understanding of human emotions, and how these emotions link to which brands different consumers go for. It discusses how consumers will use emotions primarily when evaluating brands, even over the information about the brand, such as its features and facts. The article describes a brand as nothing more than a mental representation of a product in a consumer's mind. I think that this is a significant point to note, as a mental representation incorporates the ideas of brand personality and brand narrative, which both support the idea of emotions playing an important role in brand choice for consumers. It therefore makes sense for marketers to have a thorough understanding of human emotions and the link to brand choice, as this understanding can equip the marketers with what they need to trigger consumer action. All in all, a great read (for marketers in particular), offering relevent and useful advice. 


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The Importance of Personal Branding for Business |

The Importance of Personal Branding for Business | | IMC Milestone 1 |
The Importance of Personal Branding for Business

Via Marcel Renata
Parl Harrington's insight:

I agree with the article, it’s important to have a strong brand whether it is the slogan, logo or design etc. If the consumers can easily recognise the brand, the chances are they will most likely stick to it compare to some other brands they’ve never heard or seen before. Today, even young kids are influenced by the branding image or logo. For example, they’re able to tell if they see a tick they know it’s Nike or LV which stands for Louise Vuitton. It can also lead to brand loyalty where consumer trusts and will only buy products from particular brand because of the familiarity and successful experience in word of mouth. Overall, the article suggests that with effecting branding and advertising it can really make a difference for the company. 

renaychand's curator insight, August 22, 2013 9:21 AM

Talks about the importance of branding, how to build it up, why it should be there and what impact it has upon the product and faith in the businessness/ product or company. Creating the connection with consumers relates to consumer engagement playing an aspect to the brand managment however that is how they maintain the experience. It implies the importance of branding as an entire aspect which is actually an eye opener for most people who read this article as it emphasises how much of an impact branding has in a business/company these days. Many consumers take this for granted and dont understand the hard work which goes beyond to create the source of branding. And tend to let little things put them off brands this is why branding is important as it emphasises the business/ companys nature and creates a virtual understanding and bond with its consumers, it relates to maintaining a relationship with its users - relating to trust with the brand, consumer loyalty and good will. The article states the importance of maintaining this.


Ahmed Salman's comment, August 22, 2013 5:56 PM
I agree with your insight renay. I enjoyed this article and your insight in that you explained the importance of personal branding and how to build on it. you explain that without branding, consumer's won't have a proper idea that your new business exists.
Teagan Adams's comment, August 22, 2013 6:40 PM
I agree with Renays comment that companies put a huge amount of effort into their branding and it is one of the biggest ways that they communicate their identity. It is important that customers interpret the branding in the way the company intended and then hopefully come to trust the brand.