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Rescooped by Daryl Peterson from Week 8 - Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement!

4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement -

4 simple steps to improve consumer engagement - | Consumer Engagement |

Via Matilda Alisi
Daryl Peterson's insight:

Due to the rapid rise in online interactions and online shopping marketers see more opportunities online to engage with consumers, This article goes over 4 step marketers can use to improve consumer engagement, Starting early, segmenting the target market, consumer timing and leverage mobile. The article states that the most effective time for consumer engagement is during the holiday season. Marketers start promoting products well before the holiday using promotions and showed half of all conusmers increased due to email promotions and exclusive offers sent out before the holiday season. Also mentioned is that the consumers behaviour can make or break a product. Brands need to understand their consumers behaviour in order to gain a strong brand image and increase cosnumer engagement to create stronger brand loyalty,  


Sophie Trethewey's comment, September 26, 2013 7:47 PM
This article is interesting, an online marketplace I know has achieved high awareness in online shopping is a global company called ASOS. At ASOS you can shop any item of clothing and brands you can think of both high end and lower end, additionally they have their own ASOS brand on offer. The shop caters ofr men, women, kids, maternity, sports and more. They have free international shipping and appeal to an enormous mass market. ASOS saw a gap in the market for an online shopping marketplace that could cater to anyone anywhere in the world which attributes to shopping behaviors. Consumers enjoy shopping for all their needs in one place similar to department store shopping which has always been a hit. Four major things retailers need to focus on is launch holiday shopping promotions early as it will attract consumers at a fast pace. Segmenting your audience and targeting shoppers within your target market with urgent emails of last minute sales and special shopping days will reduce shopper fatigue and encourage a genuine interest and create a strong purchasing desire. Timing, launching new brands at the time when your big purchasers frequent your website and make purchases is key and will reach the right audience. Embrace mobile technologies and create apps and networking for consumers who are interested in convenience. Overall improving engagement during peak seasonal retail times will produce profitable returns on investment and deliver the best results to the desired target market.
Kevin yau's comment, September 26, 2013 8:47 PM
@Michelle Kim
It is a good article to read. Email is a good way to communicate with customers as email is an important platform to communicate with each other. Everyone has to check their email couple times everyday , so i think with an attractive topic will attract people attention.
Klaudia Lewis's comment, September 27, 2013 12:26 AM
This article strongly emphasizes the importance of consumer engagement and gives the reader four helpful ways to improve a brands ability to engage with their consumers. By starting online marketing campaigns early, brands are able to prepare for consumers who shop prior to the holiday season. It is said that by “using email promotions that include free shipping, discounts, and exclusive offers are an instant driver of consumer purchase decisions”. Another way to effectively engage with your intended consumer is to know and understand what segment you are targeting, this helps avoid message fatigue. It is essential that brands release email promotions and other messaging during times when consumers are most likely to be actively online shopping. By doing this brands have a higher chance of getting their consumers attention and are in turn able to promote their content in a more effective manner. I believe mobile technology is a way for consumers to get the necessary information regarding a brands product , out to their consumers. Through mobile technology consumers are directly able to buy and compare what brands and services appeal to them. Promotion through emailing helps consumers to view messaging and interact with a brand on a mobile platform.
Rescooped by Daryl Peterson from Consumer Engagement!

55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter | Social Media Today

55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter | Social Media Today | Consumer Engagement |
twitter retweet tips Retweets, you have heard about them, you know what they are but you aren’t gettin’ them.

Via Patricia Marinho
Daryl Peterson's insight:

In IMC we learn about consumer engagement and whether or not the consumers engage with businesses relies mainly on how their product appeals to consumers.


Social media is becoming more common in our everydays lives. Whether it be work, or school it is highly becoming the easiest and most cost efficient way to connect to other people. The consumer in the article is clearly not enthused by the way their twitter account and give 55 tips in how markets can increase consumer engagement. 


Marketers needs to look at ways in which they can engage with comsumers within the 55 tips shown in the article in order for them to maximise consumer invlovement.


Firstly, visual presentation is key as if it appeals to consumers they would most likely become more engaged with retweets. This is also positive for the Marketers as they can segmentate consumers and target them specifically to increase consumer involvement and ultimately increase their power within the market. 





Jordan Reti Pereira's comment, August 22, 2013 7:29 PM
This article is very useful, especially more-so for individuals like Dallan who do not use Twitter. It shows the huge potential that this marketing channel has to a business (whether it's big or small) and how these techniques are a quick-fire way to take advantage of the platform. Props to Dallan for discovering this article, and hopefully it assists him in future endeavours.
Christine IMC's curator insight, August 23, 2013 12:51 AM

This is a really good article at giving out quick Don'ts & Do's of how to get RTs on Twitter. Not only will it help with RTs but can also help the company/person on twitter gain more followers as well and create more hype through social media, build brand awareness and loaylty.


As technological advances are ever growing in today's society nationally as well as Internationally, this definitely can raise a higher consumer following as well as engagement with consumers and potential consumers in regards to positive and negative feedback, conversation starters, education and much more. It's a great way for universal consumer engagement and for them to also follow how a company is going, what's the latest updates, other specials on offer, links to other media means.

Dallan Milich's curator insight, October 1, 2013 10:24 PM

This article worked as more of an understanding for me as I have never tweeted yet alone used twitter before. The writer of the article talks about how engagement is measured through the amount of re-tweets you receive/gain. My understanding allows me to agree with what the writer is saying, because when you thinking about it, the more re-tweets you receive the more people are interacting with your account and not just looking at it. By re-tweeting they acknowledging that they understand your content and show some sort of agreement or share similar values. Most of the tips how ever do seem quite basic and I look at them as more of reinforcing my ideas or a checklist before I would summit something online. The article in my opinion needs a bit more information on the on the topic of engagement and why it could be a positive, otherwise the tips could be seen as quite pointless in terms of what your actually trying to achieve.