Conflict and Prejudice
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Rescooped by Travis Lim from conflicts based on racism!

Mosque windows smashed in Warrington 'racist attack'

Mosque windows smashed in Warrington 'racist attack' | Conflict and Prejudice |
A Warrington mosque has had a number of windows smashed by two men who were "shouting racist abuse", police said. Officers were called to Jamiat Ul-Mulemeen Mosque on Arpley Street on Monday during...

Via @NewDayStarts, Dawn Choo
Travis Lim's insight:

This all reminds us of the racist events that take place everyday. There is always tensions between one race and the other, but abusing and shouting racist remarks should not be the case. We should just keep all our nasty remarks to ourselves and not to make negative remarks to another race, because tensions may rise, and a fight or a war may happen

Dawn Choo's curator insight, July 13, 2014 12:50 AM

I think that those two man had been treated unfairly because of their race. Thus, they decided to smashed the windows of the Mosque to vent their anger. In my opinion, i think that there is need to stop categorizing people as 'white' people and 'black people and that we should not  judge people by their race so that such incidents will not happen again.

Huang Ziqian's curator insight, July 13, 2014 11:54 AM

When a group of people share the same feelings towards a particular group and they take action to express their feelings. At first, the particular group would get angry, then hatred would start growing between these groups. Racist attack would not solve any problem but hurt innocent people.

Dong Yutong's curator insight, July 16, 2014 5:44 AM

Almost all conflicts started because of 'unjust'. Grouping people according to their race and religion and nationality. And the most common one is racism. If each of them, could put in the effort  giving just a bit more understanding to the other group that they know little of, then these incidents could be simply avoid.

Rescooped by Travis Lim from CONFLICTS BASED ON RACISM!

Racist man on the London Underground

A racist man on the London unground starts shouting abusive and racist remarks at Japanese passenger then threatens to kill other passenger on train.

Via Le Hong Phuc
Travis Lim's insight:

I feel that the man should not have shouted at the Japanese man. He should just have forgotten about the history and forgive and forget. The Japanese passenger did nothing to agitate him and yet he was shouting at him. Even though the British had a bad history with the Japanese, the man had no right to should vulgarities at the Japanese passenger

Sonia Tommo's curator insight, July 13, 2014 6:05 AM

Its scary how recent this is, and how it still is actually happening all over the world. Yes there have been racial conflicts in the past, but haven't people moved on from that? This video shocked me to see how this man is judging and discriminating JUST based on appearance or assumption. Racism is a scary thing, as it is really hard to escape but i think what these people did on the train was right in defending the japanese guy and telling the old man off. People should speak up if they see something is wrong, because that is the only way to defeat this disgusting thing called Racism.

Phonehtet Aung's curator insight, July 13, 2014 9:35 AM

Although Britain and Japan were at war in the past, he should learn to forgive and forget, further more, the Japanese is innocent and is not at fault and cannot be blamed for what had happened in the past. The man should just move on and not abuse the passenger.

117John's curator insight, July 14, 2014 10:35 AM

Well the nasty one should be the racist guy himself. Yes, the Japanese people's forefathers had done wrong and the current generation is apologetic about it but this does not give any reason for the man to hurl abuses at the Japanese. 

Rescooped by Travis Lim from Conflicts Based On Racism (Daryl_Koh_06)!


RACIST TORMENT IN CLASSROOM | Conflict and Prejudice |
How racist bullying made 14-year old Khadeja Fahat's school life a 'daily torment'

Via Justin Gjerazi, Daryl Koh
Travis Lim's insight:

Bullying someone just because she is from another race is unacceptable. I was shocked that the school did little to reprimand the bullies for bullying her. It has caused her confidence level to fall to low levels. Even though she was from a terrorist country, that does not mean that she is a terrorist and she should be treated just like how the other kids in the school want to be treated.

Ann Tan's curator insight, July 16, 2014 10:32 AM

After reading this article, I pitied this girl. She suffered so much just because she 'wore a headscarf'. From a happy girl who smiled everyday, to dreading to go to school because she will be bullied and tortured, isolating herself from others, and eventually affected her health too. Imagine having no friends at all, with no one to talk to, but get insulting remarks, how would one feel? Those hurtful words musy have impacted her alot, causing her too lose her appetite too.  Also, I'm surprised that the teachers do not know how to deal with this situation. It is important for the school to educate the students on the effects on racism to prevent future conflicts and prejudice. 

Natasha Ho's curator insight, July 18, 2014 10:45 AM

Since young, many have faced racist Islamaphobic abuse and I think that this is a relatively serious issue. As we can see from this article that Khadeja have suffered mentally because of all the thoughtless remarks passed by her classmates. This issue is so serious that she fears going to school as she is worried of the comments that she might face whenever she steps into school. Also, from this article we can tell that young people can pick up racist behaviour from parents or friends. I feel that the root of this problem comes from people who are insensitive towards this subject. Is it because they have not been caught in this situation? Like what the article mentioned, I think that by educating the younger generation against racism, it can help prevent all these problems from happening.

Kasey Murray's curator insight, May 1, 2015 12:29 PM

Great example of how 9/11 affected the treatment of Muslims.