Conflict and Prejudice
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The racist video that's shocked Australia

The racist video that's shocked Australia | Conflict and Prejudice |
Police investigate racist abuse caught on camera. (The #racist video that's shocked Australia - You'd be glad to know that she's being charged.
Jesslyn Tan's insight:

After reading this article, I was devastated. I wondered why would the woman make hurtful racist comments just because some children did not give up their seats for her. I think she had no idea how sensitive these racist comments are. Just these words will lead to great conflict. Usually, conflicts due to racism are sparked off by prejudice which leads to sensitive comments against a certain race. I think that an important point is that prejudice is hard to avoid sometimes, but we can control what we say. This is how we respect people of a different race or nationality from us.

Ong Meng Kiat's curator insight, July 17, 2014 9:23 AM

I am utterly shocked by the crude words used by the woman. It shows the deep-seated discrimination. This would cause unhappiness in the society as no one wants to be criticized like that. As this is said in a public place, it will definitely affect the reputation of Australia due to these insensitive comments. We should definitely take note of what we speak, especially in such public places where many different people use the train.

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Jewish woman says racism to blame for her removal from plane - WPBF West Palm Beach

Jewish woman says racism to blame for her removal from plane - WPBF West Palm Beach | Conflict and Prejudice |
Jewish woman says racism to blame for her removal from plane
WPBF West Palm Beach
Rosenberg said she never said anything negative about Palestinians and was only complimenting Israel on how leaders there have handled this latest conflict.
Jesslyn Tan's insight:

After reading ths article, I think that what has sparked this conflict was what the Jewish woman said to her friend through her phone. She told her friend about the violence in Isreal and this was all that caused the argument between her and the Palestinian. Some comments made about violence, especially due to racism, are very sensitive. Therefore, before saying something about conflict due to racism, no matter where we are, we should always be careful and think before we make the comment, as we will not know if someone around us is sensitive to the comment and end up creating conflict.

Keith Lee's curator insight, July 13, 2014 3:10 AM

Dr Rosenberg was kicked off from a plane because of a passenger complaining she was a Jew. She has said nothing offensive, but the passenger complained that Dr Rosenberg made her feel uncomfortable. I feel that she should not be kicked out form a plane just because she is a Jew. JetBlue should listen to both sides of the story and come with a conclusion and not just conclude the incident solely based on the passenger's complain.

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The tweet that sparked a debate over racism in Norway

The tweet that sparked a debate over racism in Norway | Conflict and Prejudice |

A simple tweet from a university student of Somali origin in Norway has triggered a big debate in the country over racism.

It started with a tweet. On Sunday evening, medical student Warsan Ismail began to list a series of everyday examples of racism she and her family have experienced in Norway. She began with the story of how, when she was just five, her neighbours set a pair of dogs after her mother. In 140 characters, she continued with anecdote after anecdote - each one tagged with the hashtag #norskrasisme, or "Norwegian racism".

Within minutes, many others tweeted similar stories. By the end of the evening, it was one of the top trending terms on Twitter in Norway. Ismail was soon interviewed by major newspapers and on Norwegian TV. To date, there have been more than 6,000 tweets using the hashtag - and it's still on the up.

"I love my country, I wouldn't live anywhere else but Norway - but still this is an issue we need to debate," says Lubna Jaffery, a former Norwegian politician of Pakistani descent, who also joined the Twitter discussion. An example she gave was when a woman called her and her three-year-old daughter "disgusting" as they were getting off a bus. There are laws in Norway against racism in the workplace, she says, but "on a bus or in the street you don't have any chance to defend yourself".

Via pdeppisch
Jesslyn Tan's insight:

After reading this article, I felt very sorry for Warsan Ismail. She experienced racism in Norway since young. I wonder why people just could not stop racism. If everyone can just accept people of a different race or nationality, then all conflicts due to racism will be resolved. Everyone is different, hence, no one has the right to be a racist. I also felt sorry for Lubna Jaffery who was attacked by racist comments as she and her daughter got off a bus. I think that anyone should have the right to protect themselves from racist comments.

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