Conflict and Prejudice
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Racist bullying: Far-right agenda on immigration ‘being taken into classrooms’

Racist bullying: Far-right agenda on immigration ‘being taken into classrooms’ | Conflict and Prejudice |
The number of children seeking help for racist bullying increased sharply last year, as campaigners warn that the heated public debate about immigration is souring race relations in the classroom.

Via Leicester Worker, Dawn Choo
Citrine Tan's insight:

I feel that children at school should not be calling one another names, discriminating the muslims and non muslims. Everyone should be treated fairly. The teachers should be doing something to stop this racism or else the number of cases will just keep on increasing. By the time these children go for counselling, it will already have an impact on them. By it social impact or emotional. If there is such racism at a young age, eventually this will lead to conflicts and even fights when they grow up.

Ray Kang's curator insight, July 16, 2014 6:58 AM

According to the article, immigrant students are being bullied and teased. I feel so sorry for these students as they need to bear such suffering at a young age. I think this is not only the local children's problem, but is also their parents' problem as their actions have influence their children. I think in order to solve this problem, community should take part to educate not only the children but also the adults to be role model to be friendly towards the foreigners.

Natasha Ho's curator insight, July 18, 2014 10:47 AM

From this article, I can tell that those who have been bullied because of their races have been affected and impacted very negatively. The students who were muslims were often regarded as the terrorists. Even if some students are UK born, they were also told to pack up and return to where they belonged. I feel that these children should not be bullied based on their races. It is really disappointing to know that students were not made better felt but sometimes even being ignored when they raise their issues of being bullied. I personally feel that racism should not carry on any further as it can affect someone emotionally and the consequences might not be what it seem as minor. Also, I feel that the bullies should put themselves in the victim’s shoes and spare a thought for their friend’s feelings. Everyone should be more sensitive towards this subject of racism and they should always think before making any remarks. 

Aqil Norazali's curator insight, July 12, 2016 5:43 PM
I feel that this is a real time event many would have encountered. I am saddened that this is happening in schools, not by adults, but by children, where those who are of different skin tone or sound different with an accent, would be isolated from the rest. The fact that it started with them learning the wrong things from their surroundings would also play a big part in their lives in the future.
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On International Day, UN warns about link between racism and conflict - UN News Centre

On International Day, UN warns about link between racism and conflict - UN News Centre | Conflict and Prejudice |
UN News CentreOn International Day, UN warns about link between racism and conflictUN News CentreUN/J.

Via Thabo Mophiring
Citrine Tan's insight:

This article mainly focus on how racism and racial discrimination create conflicts and violence in the world. I feel that peaceful protestors should not be gunned down by the police just because they demonstrated against apartheid. It is being unfair and this will only stir up more hatred between one another as they are being shot down innocently since they are just voicing out their opinions and views as they have human rights. By moving to the world of social networking, the government can expect more of such conflicts of racisms as socialising is very common and people will just voice out their views which might eventually lead to more conflicts.

Foo Yan Ling's curator insight, July 13, 2014 10:13 AM

“Racism and racial discrimination have been used as weapons to engender fear and hatred. In extreme cases, ruthless leaders instigate prejudice to incite genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his message marking this year’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which focuses on the theme of racism and conflict.


Through this article I have read, I feel that racism is so insidious and pervasive. I learned how racism and racial discrimination can cause tensions among different groups of people and how it can deeply affect us whether politically, economically or socially. Racism undermines peace, security, justice and social progress. People are often enraged and aggravated by these acts of discrimination which results in instability within the country through riots, protests or wars. This thus causes a lack of peace and security in the country. “Racism is a violation of human rights that tears at individuals and rips apart the social fabric.” I agree with this statement as racism do bring about hatred which weakens the roots of a nation as a whole, furthermore, racism transforms people from simply disliking each other, to the permanent and indestructible foundation of common racism and prejudice. As stated, 55 per cent of violent conflicts between 2007 and 2009 had violations of minority rights or ethnic tensions at their core.


I feel that it is important to accept and appreciate others for who they are and simply not discriminate them by their skin color or their race. “Where societies have been shattered by conflict, the United Nations strives to promote peace processes and peace building that foster inclusion, dialogue, reconciliation and human rights,” It is seen that actions are taken to resolve these problems however what I feel is truly important is to have tolerance, a change of attitude, mutual understanding and respect for diversity.

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RACIST TORMENT IN CLASSROOM | Conflict and Prejudice |
How racist bullying made 14-year old Khadeja Fahat's school life a 'daily torment'

Via Justin Gjerazi, Daryl Koh, Gabriel Chia
Citrine Tan's insight:

I feel that Khadeja is really being treated very unfairly and suffered so much bullying all alone. Just because she wore a headscarf, this changes everything. If i was her, i would probably feel the same. "Why are they doing this to me?" I can be a happy and carefree girl to someone who is really afraid and hopes everyday can just pass by. Even having to lose her confidence.. I would say the confidence builds up happiness and character. Without it, life would be meaningless.  Imagine how would her mother feel, seeing her own daughter being injured seriously and yet the school didn't do anything. Its heartbreaking. I feel that the school should do something about it. Perhaps give lesson about racism so that in future, no more of such cases will happen. Hopefully Khadeja would be able to lead a normal and happy life again.

Ann Tan's curator insight, July 16, 2014 10:32 AM

After reading this article, I pitied this girl. She suffered so much just because she 'wore a headscarf'. From a happy girl who smiled everyday, to dreading to go to school because she will be bullied and tortured, isolating herself from others, and eventually affected her health too. Imagine having no friends at all, with no one to talk to, but get insulting remarks, how would one feel? Those hurtful words musy have impacted her alot, causing her too lose her appetite too.  Also, I'm surprised that the teachers do not know how to deal with this situation. It is important for the school to educate the students on the effects on racism to prevent future conflicts and prejudice. 

Natasha Ho's curator insight, July 18, 2014 10:45 AM

Since young, many have faced racist Islamaphobic abuse and I think that this is a relatively serious issue. As we can see from this article that Khadeja have suffered mentally because of all the thoughtless remarks passed by her classmates. This issue is so serious that she fears going to school as she is worried of the comments that she might face whenever she steps into school. Also, from this article we can tell that young people can pick up racist behaviour from parents or friends. I feel that the root of this problem comes from people who are insensitive towards this subject. Is it because they have not been caught in this situation? Like what the article mentioned, I think that by educating the younger generation against racism, it can help prevent all these problems from happening.

Kasey Murray's curator insight, May 1, 2015 12:29 PM

Great example of how 9/11 affected the treatment of Muslims.