Conflict and Prejudice
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Rescooped by Tan Yun Sin from CONFLICT AND PREJUDICE!

Singapore's 'anti-Chinese curry war' - Telegraph

Singapore's 'anti-Chinese curry war'  - Telegraph | Conflict and Prejudice |
What began as a quarrel over the pungent aromas wafting from one family's kitchen has bubbled up into Singapore's spiciest protest movement, with 40,000 people set to express their national pride this weekend by cooking curry.

Via Matthew Tan
Tan Yun Sin's insight:

I am surprised that racism can occur in Singapore due to such small matter. I think the family from mainland should try to accept the smell. If the smell is really unbearable to them, they can actually close their doors and windows or even spray some perfume in their house. Since Singapore is a multi-racial country, it is understood that we should all respect each other race and religion. Beside, I think it is very rude for the family from mainland to be making such remarks on a Singapore's national dish. I really hope that such small matter will not happen in Singapore again so that we can continue to live in peace and harmony. 

Matthew Tan's curator insight, July 11, 2014 10:48 PM

The family should have been sensitive to the other family cooking curry. If they could not stand the smell of curry they could close their windows. We should respect each others culture and race.

Abish Sempio's curator insight, July 13, 2014 4:47 AM

I did not know that a small quarrel over the pungent aromas of curry could lead to many Singaporeans voicing out their opinions about curry, which is a national dish. I felt that the Chinese family who came from Mainland was very inconsiderate. They did not respect the culture of the Indian family and even brought them for mediation!  I believe that Singapore is a multi-racial country and we should not be going against other races.Instead, we should all accept one another's different cultures and live peacefully. Conflicts such as the 'curry war'  would  not have happened if the Chinese family had just accepted the culture of the Indian family. I am glad that many Singaporeans felt that cooking curry was not a huge problem and curry was enjoyed by many people.

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RACIST TORMENT IN CLASSROOM | Conflict and Prejudice |
How racist bullying made 14-year old Khadeja Fahat's school life a 'daily torment'

Via Justin Gjerazi, Daryl Koh, Pei Ming Seah, Chong PyahPyah
Tan Yun Sin's insight:

After reading this article, I was shocked by how Khadeja was treated in school because she wore a headscarf. Although she might be a different race compared to the majority, she was still a student who wanted to learn and make friends just as much as her classmates. I think her classmates who mistreated her are losers who cannot accept someone from a different race. Also, I agree that parents play an important role in educating their children from young that certain behaviour are unacceptable so that their children will change for the better. It is also very important for schools to have anti-racism workshops to prevent future conflicts. 

Ann Tan's curator insight, July 16, 2014 10:32 AM

After reading this article, I pitied this girl. She suffered so much just because she 'wore a headscarf'. From a happy girl who smiled everyday, to dreading to go to school because she will be bullied and tortured, isolating herself from others, and eventually affected her health too. Imagine having no friends at all, with no one to talk to, but get insulting remarks, how would one feel? Those hurtful words musy have impacted her alot, causing her too lose her appetite too.  Also, I'm surprised that the teachers do not know how to deal with this situation. It is important for the school to educate the students on the effects on racism to prevent future conflicts and prejudice. 

Natasha Ho's curator insight, July 18, 2014 10:45 AM

Since young, many have faced racist Islamaphobic abuse and I think that this is a relatively serious issue. As we can see from this article that Khadeja have suffered mentally because of all the thoughtless remarks passed by her classmates. This issue is so serious that she fears going to school as she is worried of the comments that she might face whenever she steps into school. Also, from this article we can tell that young people can pick up racist behaviour from parents or friends. I feel that the root of this problem comes from people who are insensitive towards this subject. Is it because they have not been caught in this situation? Like what the article mentioned, I think that by educating the younger generation against racism, it can help prevent all these problems from happening.

Kasey Murray's curator insight, May 1, 2015 12:29 PM

Great example of how 9/11 affected the treatment of Muslims.

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China bans Muslims from fasting in Xinjiang | The Muslim Debate ...

China bans Muslims from fasting in Xinjiang | The Muslim Debate ... | Conflict and Prejudice |

I think it Muslims in China's Xinjiang region working as civil servants, students and teachers have been banned from fasting during the holy month of Ramadan on Wednesday. The move has sparked condemnation from an exile ...

Via seah wan ling
Tan Yun Sin's insight:

I think it is really ridiculous to ban Muslims from fasting. If we ban them from fasting, we are sort of implying that we do not like their culture. I also realised that fasting would not caused any harm to the country so why are they stopping them? I think stopping them from fasting is a very disrespectful act towards their religion. Although there is no big conflict happening now, it does not ensure that peace will be everlasting in Xinjiang if they continue to take such measures.

seah wan ling's curator insight, July 13, 2014 6:45 AM

After reading this, i feel really shocked that the communist party ruling Xinjiang are actually banning Muslims from fasting. When the Muslims fast, it would not even affect them, and not letting the Muslims have their own rights in fasting is disrespecting their religion. I think the government should change their perspective of ramadan and learn how to respect other peoples religion.