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Intersection in Tokyo: Photography with Perspective by Navid Baraty

Intersection in Tokyo: Photography with Perspective by Navid Baraty | Conceptual |

Photography by Navid Baraty captures geometry of parallel lines, precise angles reflecting society’s attention to detail.


Brooklyn based photographer Navid Baraty has captured some interesting images from the top of a building of an intersection in Ginza in Tokyo. Baraty captures the order and geometry of perfectly parallel lines, precise angles and thoughtful proportion that reflect the society’s meticulous attention to detail and artistic presentation. Instead of walking on the streets, he decided to experience the hustle bustle of city life and capture a surreal perspective from buildings. 


While Baraty believes that there is undeniable beauty in abstracting architecture into angles and reflections, he was attracted even more by the unique character of each city that could still be perceived from far above.

Via Lauren Moss
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Complete Streets: Designing to Create Connectivity at our Public Spaces

Complete Streets: Designing to Create Connectivity at our Public Spaces | Conceptual |

A street shouldn't just be about transportation, but also about civic definition and social and commercial interaction.


There is no better place to start using land more efficiently than with our streets, our most plentiful and visible parts of the urban commons. The recent "complete streets" movement has made a terrific contribution to getting our streets right, by insisting that they be designed so as to accommodate all users.

Connectivity is hugely important to a sustainable street network to encourage walking and shorten driving trips by making destinations more convenient. The pedestrian experience should be safe and enjoyable, and should be so perceived.


Other design elements to help turn streets into worthy places are:

Sidewalks with real curbs;On-street parking ;Street trees;Storefronts with elements that shelter pedestrians such as awnings, arcades, and colonnades;Buildings with windows and "other signs of human occupancy such as porches and balconies" for "eyes on the street";Design appropriate to safe motor vehicle speeds.

Via Lauren Moss
Lauren Moss's curator insight, July 17, 2013 11:57 AM

Visit the article link for more details and information on the process of creating better public spaces and the elements that make for healthy, safe and vibrant communities.

Nienke Groen's curator insight, July 18, 2013 8:09 AM

Nice trend: refitting streets to create connectivity

Rescooped by sjoo from green streets!

Imagining A Future City Filled With Driverless Cars And Without Any Parking Spaces

Imagining A Future City Filled With Driverless Cars And Without Any Parking Spaces | Conceptual |

As self-driving cars move from fantasy to reality, what kind of effect will they have on cities?

A research and urban prototyping project called Shuffle City investigates, and in the process, becomes a manifesto for a new kind of modern city--one that depends less on traditional public transportation like buses or light rail and more on creating a fleet of continuously moving automated vehicles to serve urban mobility needs.

Shuffle City looks at the new possibilities that could arise from cities transitioning to cars without drivers. If cars were put into some constant flow as a public good, and if people didn’t all have their own vehicles, there would be no need for the concrete wastelands and lifeless towers that serve as a parking infrastructure in the urban landscapes of car-centric cities like Phoenix and Los Angeles (Under the current ownership model, the average car spends 21 hours per day parked.)

The share of city space ruled by parking lots will shrink, making way for more green space, environmental buffers, workspace, housing, retail, and denser planning for more walkable cities...

Via Lauren Moss
José Antônio Carlos - O Professor Pepe's curator insight, August 7, 2013 8:41 AM

Um desenho da cidade de nossos sonhos. Carros sem motoristas, ruas sem espaço para estacionamento, e por aí vai.

Kim Spence-Jones's curator insight, August 8, 2013 2:53 AM

Interface between cars and homes is an interesting area of R&D. Everything from entertainment synchronising to battery management.

miguel sa's curator insight, September 4, 2013 4:17 PM

Jacque Fresco has been talking about this sort of thing for awhile now, looks like its coming closer to reality~