How much should you invest in social media marketing ? | Comunicación e interacción |

Perhaps the biggest barrier to an effective social media marketing initiative is both executives trying to sell social media internally and a failure to understand just how important social media marketing is to conversion. I could give you a lot of data about social media, it’s short shelf life, the fact that only 16% of brands facebook posts are read and the fact that engagement is down since facebook evolved to timeline but it’s much more than that.


Marketers need to have a deep understanding of what they are selling (hint: it’s not product features) and understand what makes someone want to purchase their product. In addition they need to know that just because someone purchases their product does not mean they want to have a relationship with the brand.


Silverman Research and Unilever recently surveyed 644 people from more than 30 countries to find out why more companies don’t use social media. Participants highlighted 16 different barriers companies face when incorporating social media, but they considered these four the most significant...

Via Jeff Domansky