Computers in Education
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Are we right to fear computers in education – or in life? | Tony Bates

Are we right to fear computers in education – or in life? | Tony Bates | Computers in Education |

"Thus my belief (how will a computer handle that?) is that computers are wonderful tools for supporting teaching and learning, and as cognitive and computer scientists become more knowledgeable, computers will increase in value in meeting this purpose as time goes on, . However it means that these scientists need to work collaboratively, and more importantly as equals, with teachers and indeed learners, to ensure that computers are used in ways that respect not only the complexity of teaching and learning, but also the value systems that underpin a liberal education.
And it is here that I have the most concerns. There is, especially in the United States of America, a growing ideology that considers teachers to be ineffective or redundant and which seeks means to replace teachers with computers. Coursera-style MOOCs are just one example. Multiple-choice testing and open educational resources in the format of iTunes and OpenCourseWare are other examples."


Comment: thoughtful and entertaining blog post by Tony Bates, a brave attempt to say something quite in general about computers in education. After voicing a number of concerns, such as the advent of cMOOCs, he concludes that "None of these concerns undermine my belief that computers, when used appropriately, can and do bring enormous benefits to teaching and learning. We shouldn’t anthropomorphize computers (they don’t like it) but, as I learned from ‘Downton Abbey’, like all good servants, they need to know their place." I would conclude that we should not fear computers, but perhaps we should fear the people who want to replace teachers by them(peter sloep, @pbsloep)

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Jordan Alixondria T-p's insight:

After reading this, I want you to answer two questions.

1. Do you believe that we will someday be able to simulate the brain by 2018? If so, how do you think it will impact the world and yourself?

2. Why do you believe computers and technology is such an important part of learning? If you do not believe computers are an important part of learning, explain, using information from the article.

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Virtual classroom - Quad-City Times - Quad City Times

Virtual classroom - Quad-City Times - Quad City Times | Computers in Education |
Virtual classroom - Quad-City Times
Quad City Times
This is another installment in a series called “In the Classroom,” meant to showcase interesting and innovative happenings in Quad-City area schools.
Jordan Alixondria T-p's insight:

Rather than being home schooled, these children have school at home. This shows us that there are many ways to learn with computers.

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