2013 Top 100 Influencers in Knowledge Management | MindTouch #KM | Computer Ethics and Information Security | Scoop.it


In an effort to chart the power nodes in the social graph of various technology industry disciplines, MindTouch has a history of  researching and producing a list of influencers. This began as an internal project to understand sectors important to MindTouch and since 2009 MindTouch has published these reports to the advantage of the community at large.  Last week we shared our internal annual report of Techcomm influencers that we produced using LittleBird. This year, MindTouch also analyzed Knowledge Management influencers. As has been the case in the past, MindTouch is again making this list available to the community with the hope that this will strengthen the community, create new relationship and hopefully spark some discussion.

Via Karen du Toit