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You can use QuickBooks to email invoices directly to your customers using:

QuickBooks E-mail -

Note: If you are a QuickBooks Billing Solutions and QuickBooks Merchant Service subscriber, you can enable the invoice for online payment, and your customer has the option of paying it online.

To do this task

Open the invoice you want to send.Click the Send drop-down arrow at the top of the invoice and select Email Invoice.

To enter multiple email addresses in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields, use commas (,) or semi-colons (;) to separate the addresses.

 (Optional) To change the email message, click anywhere in the email text and enter your changes.Spell-check:

Checks the spelling of words in the Description, Memo, Notes, and Message fields of most sales forms and other selected lists and forms. As a general rule, whenever you see the Spelling button, you'll be able to spell-check a field in which text can be entered manually.

If you subscribe to QuickBooks Merchant Service, and if you want to give your customer the option to pay you online, be sure they allow online payment checkbox is selected.Click one of the following:Send Now to send the invoice immediately.


Send Later to send the invoice later with other forms.




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