At the Division of Physical Resource Theory, within the Department of Space, Earth and Environment, at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, we focus our research on technical and socio-economic systems, addressing challenges associated with the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon society. The Division of Physical Resource Theory offers an interdisciplinary research environment that relies on a range of different scientific methods, from energy system modelling and agent-based modelling, to remote sensing, econometrics and surveys. Our aim is to advance challenge-driven scientific excellence by crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries and by increasing the level of cross-collaboration in environmental research as well as with society at large. 

The post-doc position should focus on novel modelling approaches to societal problems represented by the application areas within the Division of Physical Resource Theory (PRT), including energy systems transitions, land as a resource for production of food and energy, and more in general, changes in society that are of importance for understanding a transition towards a more sustainable society. As a post-doc you will work together with Professor Kristian Lindgren within both the complex systems group and the energy modelling group at the division.