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A third of new businesses will not survive to their third birthday, so they need all the help they can get

The Beatles teach entrepreneurship better than business schools."

That was the contention of a Business Week leader last week. That might be true in the US but in Britain business schools are about to become the new rock’n’roll.

On Thursday, a ceremony at Downing Street will celebrate outstanding businesses schools that are as much for David as they are for Goliath. The Small Business Charter Award will recognise the 20 pioneering schools developing a national network of support for small businesses.

The Charter was established as a result of last year’s Growing Your Business report from Lord Young, enterprise adviser to the Prime Minister, and has already seen more than 4,500 graduates working with small businesses, led by business schools from Southampton to Strathclyde. These schools have directly supported more than 8,000 small businesses and helped create 800 new student-led companies.

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