The Worst Thing Any Leader Can Do To High Performers | Competitive Edge |

If you’ve managed a team for even a year, you know the crazy behavior that human beings can deliver.  As a CEO for 23 years, I remember dozens of times I sat with my head in my hands, wondering what a team member was thinking, if anything.  If you’re the type of leader who hates to confront people problems head on, this will be a painful (but essential) read.

In my last post, knowing that I’d be sitting with Hall of Fame quarterback and football legend Joe Montana, reader John O’Dea asked about the challenges of building a strong cohesive team out of so many high-octane individuals. He was thinking of the 49’ers team led by Bill Walsh, under whose leadership Joe Montana played most of his career. I was able to fire John’s question at Joe, and his answer came from the perspective of being one of the highest performing team members (not from being the leader).
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