Today's Cloud Contracts Are Driving Away Enterprise Adoption | CompatibleOne |

The Cloud Life Commentary:  The author's post bring s to light an important issue around cloud computing adopption. Specifically public cloud adoption, as most enterprise vendor managment or procurement groups expect (think demand) to get some additional concessions or additional discounts after the agreement(s) and quote(s) are turned over to them for approval.  The author is correct in that many enterprises will move on rather than be forced to accept "take it or leave it" proposition.  


The cloud vendors who are willing to negotiate or provide some flexibility in the from of more options will have an advantage over those that do not. 


This is just another important wrinkle as more enterprises look towards cloud computing for on-demand performance and cost reduction via subscriptions (think op-ex vs. cap-ex).  


Article Excerpt: "As cloud providers push 'take it or leave it' contracts, many businesses push back -- or avoid the cloud altogether.


Cloud computing has a growing problem: Many providers haven't built contract negotiations into their customer on-boarding processes. Instead, they offer "take it or leave it" contracts that protect the provider from everything, transferring all responsibility, liability, and risk to the businesses using the cloud services."

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