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In business, people get promoted to leadership positions because they’re smart, driven experts in a field. Upon promotion, they find that that’s not enough. Now they need to be great communicators who can engage hearts and minds, rallying teams to take action on a strategic vision.


On the title of this post:  uh Duh!!


On the content of this post? Eh.


So why include it in this collection?  Because it illustrates common misconceptions of how to teach storytelling skills in business. 


So how do you teach storytelling skills?

First:  build deep listening skills. People cannot tell stories effectively without learning how to listen first -- for the story and how it wants to be told, and to the audience and what it needs to hear. Those are just a few pieces of effective deep listening.


Second: you can show video examples of great storytellers. But frankly, if the person leading the storytelling workshop can't model effective storytelling, then don't bother. That usually requires being trained in storytelling. Modeling is an essential leadership skill and modeling effective storytelling is your ticket to success.


Third: the tip about using memory triggers is a good one. Learning how to evoke stories in others though goes beyond simply finding your own personal stories. It is also knowing the 'Art of Crafting the Question' and going back to deep listening.


Fourth: practice telling your stories orally. If you can tell an effective story orally, then it is much easier to transfer that story into the written or digital world. Some people will need to write their stories first, but frankly, if a leader can't come up with a story and share it orally in the moment, that person has not developed their storytelling skills well enough. Learning oral story skills is essential. And I really like that the article encourages us to work with partners to build story skills. Yes!


Story structure is helpful to know -- and this part of the article I do like.


And I love the last 3 paragraphs!! The points are right on and need to be taken to heart if you want to be a successful sharing stories for growing your business, leadership, or organizational culture work.


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