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Mexico: Archaeologists Find Priceless Cache Of Cave Paintings | Huff Post

Mexico: Archaeologists Find Priceless Cache Of Cave Paintings | Huff Post | Communication |


Mexican researchers announced a remarkable find this week: nearly 5,000 well-preserved cave paintings scattered across 11 different sites.


The 4,926 paintings were found in Burgos, in the mountainous northeastern state of Tamaulipas, in Mexico, reports the BBC. The beautiful pictures, cataloged with the help of the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), were presented by researcher Martha García Sánchez at the second meeting of Historic Archaeology, in Mexico City's National History Museum.


According to an INAH press release, Sánchez began work on the project in 2006. She was later joined by INAH archeologist Gustavo Ramírez.


"The discovery is important because we have documented the presence of pre-Hispanic groups in Burgos, where before it was said there was nothing, when in reality it was inhabited by one or more cultures," Ramírez said in the release, according to a translation by The Huffington Post.


While the artwork has not yet been dated, the researchers will try to glean their approximate ages using chemical and radiocarbon analyses, according to the Agence France-Presse.


The ancient artists painted humans, animals and other scenes from nature using a palette including red, yellow, black and white, reports the AFP. The colors were created using organic dyes and minerals, according to the INAH press release.


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Robert T. Preston's curator insight, June 2, 2013 6:40 PM

This site contains information about cave paintings found in Mexico, dating back thousands of years.  This cancels prethought notions about the Spanish inhabiting the area, 500 years ago. 

claudia patino's curator insight, January 30, 2014 11:23 PM

It is amazing to have found this, and cool that our ancestors were smart enought to incorporate color into there paintings. They possibly got those colors from flowers and developed a technic to use color over and over. There technic was great because from the pictures of    the paintings the color does not look too fadded.

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Prehistoric cave art in the Dordogne - The Guardian

Prehistoric cave art in the Dordogne - The Guardian | Communication |
The Guardian Prehistoric cave art in the Dordogne The Guardian In the 25km of the Vézère valley between Montignac and Les Eyzies there are 15 caves – including Rouffignac, Lascaux and others – which have been rated Unesco World Heritage sites...

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