Apps and Software for Students with Language-based Learning disabilities | inov8 Educational Consulting | Communication and Autism | created a handout listing apps for language-based learning disabilities in two categories,

> apps for remediation and

> apps for language support.


inov8 Educational Consulting recently presented with Kimberly Murphy (@kimberlyslp, a speech and language pathologist) at the Québec Provincial Association of Teachers conference.  Their presentation focused on the planning and implementation of new assistive technologies; apps and software for students with language-based learning disabilities.


They covered the language basis of reading, Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning, the SETT framework, and app and software recommendations with a number of screen-capture video demonstrations.


Here is a list of their most recommended apps and software, specific to students with language-based learning disabilities. Please note that this is not a full list of software and apps that are currently available. 


Thank you inov8 and Kimberly Murphy for this outstanding resource!

Via Kathleen McClaskey