Nutrition in Schools
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How fruit juice went from health food to junk food

How fruit juice went from health food to junk food | Nutrition in Schools |
Emine Saner: For decades fruit juice has been seen as a healthy option. Then this week a primary school banned it after claims that it's as bad for you as Coca-Cola. But how big a health risk does it pose?

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Shranna's insight:

How shocking is it to learn that fruit juices aren't as healthy as we thought and that fruit juices are being compared to sodas?! This article talks about how juices came about and how it is almost equivalent to the high sugar count as sodas. The article goes briefly into detail on how certain schools banned fruit juices due to the high preservatives and sugar count that they are  strongly pushing towards water. As I mentioned in my previous insight I think being educated and reading different sources I am able to learn more about nutrition and the different opinion/methods of schools all around the world.  

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UK EDUCATION: Ban packed lunches, head teachers are urged in healthy food review

UK EDUCATION: Ban packed lunches, head teachers are urged in healthy food review | Nutrition in Schools |
A Government-commissioned report into nutrition in schools is to recommend that head teachers consider banning packed lunches and stopping pupils leaving at lunchtime to eat at fast-food restaurants.

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Shranna's insight:

This article is interesting. What caught my attention is how there are many different approaches on promoting healthy eating habits for children. I think it is fascinating to see how different countries, counties, and district try tackling these difficult topics in different manners to make a difference. I think that this idea is appealing but expensive. The purpose of the cause means well but I think it takes a toll on the parents wallets! I do believe that eating school lunches show variety in food but I think children bringing different types of food from home can promote the same. I also wonder what food this school is preparing. How healthy is it to the kids?

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Nutrition Requirements for School Age Children

Nutrition Requirements for School Age Children | Nutrition in Schools |
Helping your school-age child eat a healthy diet can enhance his growth and optimize his development. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that children in the U.S. consume too many calories ...

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Shranna's insight:

My father always told me to eat certain foods and avoid others that he felt were unhealthy. Growing up I didn't know much about nutrition and people were not fully educated on what was essential to our health. The food we perceived to be healthy weren't as beneficial as we thought and vice versa. Therefore, being aware of these new discoveries parents, guardians, caregivers should  take these information into consideration and continue to promote healthy eating habits towards young children. I keep reading about articles that wants to push sex education at an early age but am not readiny much about promoting healthy eating habits at an early age. As a elementary school major, I have taken efficient note on this article for my future students! 

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A Musical Message for Children on Healthy Eating

A Musical Message for Children on Healthy Eating | Nutrition in Schools |
A former Rockette runs a program teaching children in New York City public schools about better nutrition through dance, music and a play.

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Shranna's insight:

In my opinion, I appreciate the great effort Ms. Leahy is doing. I think the best way to promote healthy eating habits is through portraying the message in an entertaining way. The high spirit I see through the picture shows a lot. There is nothing more important than changing our diet. I think the better students eat the better they will perform academically. ' Healthy mind creates a healthy brain'! I strongly feel there should be more workshops and visits to schools regarding healthy eating. 

I also think that it is important to focus on schools that are less fortunate to guide the young students toward a healthy path. 

Sandi Cornez's curator insight, May 8, 2013 12:48 PM

Excellent - just the kind of program that is needed to show children the benefits of starting to eat healthy when they are young. Nutrition affects every part of our body/brain/mood/emotions.

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Student fitness improves with anti-obesity program

Student fitness improves with anti-obesity program | Nutrition in Schools |
YORK (Reuters Health) - Obesity rates continue to climb in California schools, but exercise and nutrition programs may be having a positive effect on student health, a new study suggests.Kids entered...

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Shranna's insight:

I believe having public support will help decrease the on growing rate of obesity amongst children. As essential it is to spend time in the classroom I think promoting more active physical activities as not only a learning source but as a method of managing a healthy habit in schools is highly recommended. 

I can not agree more with the part of the article that limits the amount of high fat/ sugar that is served. As the school curriculum is pushing for sex education I think, as mentioned in the article, more education in health is just as important at a young age. 

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California High Schools Scrap 'Plastic Foods' in Favor of Real Nutrition

California High Schools Scrap 'Plastic Foods' in Favor of Real Nutrition | Nutrition in Schools |
In Escondido, school chefs are now cooking 10,000 meals a day from scratch, and seeing academic and behavioral improvement as a result.
Shranna's insight:

This clip is about a director who is on a constant mission to gather voluntery chef who believes in improving school meals. This consist of organic produce where there is no mystery items in meals. The food is 'real' and nutrious. The director briefly describes the benefits of changing the meals in school but also states the revenues that are exceeding expenses. She believes food made from scratch and having variety is a positive attempt for the future of these kids. 

Darby Whitehair's curator insight, December 20, 2013 8:22 PM

This article talks about the schools in Escondido making all their food from scratch. It talksabout the schools goal to make healthier better tasting food and how it meets the standards of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. I find this extremely interesting. Making food from scratch in high school sounds gourmet. I never ate lunch at high school, I always brought my food, because it never appealed to me. I think a meal does so much for your energy levels, your attitude throughout the day. Having meals cooked to your liking and having real food and not greasy fries sounds much more appealing. I was on Free and Reduced Meals and if my school food would have been as tasty as this schools I'm sure I would have cashed in on my school lunches.


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Schools Sending 'Fat Letters' Home To Parents With Bigger Kids | The Rubin Report

Schools in 19 states have started to conduct annual weigh-ins of students that test for their body mass index, which is used to determine if someone is overw...

Via Julie Newman
Shranna's insight:

Is it wrong to monitor a childs body mass index and send the reports home? I think to a certain extent but not really. It is important for parents to know how unhealthy poor eating habits/choices create. It is important for the childs parent/ guardian to be aware of obesity which links to other health issues.   I understand there are budget cuts and other social economic issues but it is necessary to change the eating habits of young children. Promoting healthy eating habits creates a healthy lifestyle. This video is interesting because it presents three different opinions on this matter. 

Julie Newman's curator insight, November 7, 2013 1:19 PM

I really enjoyed watching this video because it explored many different opinions and problems facing our children in schools today. This video talked about schools that are issuing an annual weigh in for their students to check their Body Mass Index to determine if they are in the healthy weight range. These results than get sent home to the parents. These "fat letters", although are harsh, I believe are going to be helpful. We have continued to see childhood obesity rapidly increase throughout the years, therefore, there clearly needs to be more done to help students get healthy. One point mentioned in this video that I agree with and am infuriated by is that we see all these reforms for promoting exercise and healthy play, but while this is all very important, it is not only exercise that needs to be improved. Children need to be taught how to eat healthy meals, because if their eating habits are not turned around, they will not find success. I find it horrible how we see schools serving their students cheap and fatty cuts of protein because of budget cuts. Than why are we complaining that our children are obese if were deciding to feed them unhealthy foods?