Common Core 6th grade
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Rescooped by Sally Meyer from CCSS News Curated by Core2Class! | Common Core 6th grade |
Free, research-based K-6 reading comprehension lesson plans and non-fiction reading passages & question sets. Common Core aligned, teacher & principal endorsed.


As your school year ends, we want to give you a preview of a few of our new comprehension lesson units and passages and questions sets, all of which will be live on the site by September.  We will have:


70  new lesson units (10 for each K-6 grade) with 140 lesson plans, all Common Core aligned, for grades K-6! Check out our 2nd grade unit for The Empty Pot and our 4th grade unit for The Mangrove Tree!500 new non-fiction and fiction passages and question sets based on the latest science and social studies standards for grades K-6, and     7 & 8! Here's a sample of some of these passages and question sets:

         The Harmonica (2nd grade)

         Building a Bridge (5th grade)

         Computers and Design (6th grade)

         What Mitosis has to do with Families (7th grade)


We also want to say thank you for so generously giving us feedback and comments on the site and for sharing ReadWorks with your colleagues! Our mission is to make ReadWorks available to every educator to support their success in teaching reading comprehension. Your help has been invaluable and we encourage you to continue to share and give us your feedback.

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free registration - access to lots of passages

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Please note the skills on the left.

Rescooped by Sally Meyer from Implementation of the Common Core Standards!

10 Tips for Teaching Grammar According to the Common Core : Eye On Education

The following blog post is part of a blog series called "Comments on the Common Core," written by Eye On Education's Senior Editor, Lauren Dav...

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Print out the infographic!

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Bloom's digital taxonomy Wheel and Knowledge Dimension

Bloom's digital taxonomy Wheel and Knowledge Dimension | Common Core 6th grade |

Very impressive digital animation, a must see...


Here the link:


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Mechanical Walking Space Man's curator insight, November 6, 2015 3:58 AM

A tad skeuomorphic for my tastes but the thinking behind it, is great…

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Para el diseño de actividades y determinación de RED.

Rescooped by Sally Meyer from CCSS News Curated by Core2Class!

3 Simple Tools to Support the CCSS Academic Vocabulary Shift

3 Simple Tools to Support the CCSS Academic Vocabulary Shift | Common Core 6th grade |

The Common Core identifies six instructional shifts needed to effectively implement the standards in ELA/Literacy.  Shift 6 suggests an instructional change in the teaching of Academic Vocabulary. While there are many specific vocabulary standards in the K-12 Language strand, it’s helpful and important to look at Academic Vocabulary from the big picture view known as Shift 6.

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