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Jeff Dunbar Support Trust Fund Is Officially Set-Up; Fundraiser This Friday! | Chicago Combat Sports

Jeff Dunbar Support Trust Fund Is Officially Set-Up; Fundraiser This Friday! | Chicago Combat Sports | Chicago Combat Sports |

By now, most people in the local mixed martial arts community are aware about the incident involving Jeff Dunbar.


Dunbar is an amateur mixed martial arts fighter who suffered a tragic accident in his last fight back in December 2011. Seconds into the first round, as Dunbar tried to flip his opponent off his back, they both fell and Dunbar landed head first into the canvas. Since that day, Dunbar remains in the hospital and is now, unfortunately limited in his mobility.


Despite a long process and a few set backs, Josh Bulak, head coach of No Comment Martial Arts remained focused as he worked along with a lawyer to set up a support trust fund for Dunbar.



According to Bulak, as of Wednesday February 1st, the trust fund has been signed, notarized and is officially set up.


“I knew that setting up a support trust fund for Jeff would be the best way to go about things and the goal was to do it the right way from the beginning. We didn’t want to open a bank account and just ask people to send donations there,” said Bulak.


Understanding the importance about facilitating the process for people to make donations, Bulak said he will now try to set up a PayPal account so donations can also be made online.


Considering how high his medical expenses must be, Dunbar needs all the help he can receive.


You can help by mailing a donation in any amount to the following address:

No Comment Martial Arts
c/o Jeff Dunbar Support Trust Fund
1819 South Kedzie Avenue
Chicago, IL 60623


If you have any questions or would like to make a donation, please contact Josh Bulak via:



Phone: (630) 673-4512

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Matt Paul: MMA Champion Seeks To Dominate Across Promotions

Matt Paul: MMA Champion Seeks To Dominate Across Promotions | Chicago Combat Sports |

Matt Paul, a fighter with Team Dau out of Elgin and Tomchek Fight Team is preparing for his first muay thai fight on February 4th at the Pyramid Club in Addison, Illinois. 


When Paul first started, he said he was fighting at 205 lbs. but now he fights at 185 lbs. His background includes wrestling, muay thai, boxing and he’s currently a champion for three different mma promotions.


Seeking to improve his stand-up skills, Paul found an opportunity to fight with the Muay Thai International Association.


When asked how he felt about his first muay thai fight, Paul said, “I’m not worried about fighting muay thai because it is a one-dimensional fight. I just have to train muay thai. I feel that I’m at the top of my game but whomever is the better fighter will come out.”



“At first, I started training with Gilbert Grappling because Joe Gilbert was my wrestling coach. Since then, in mma, I’ve competed along with Team USA when we fought against Team Poland,” said Paul.


Initially, Paul started training only on his ground work. Now he said he trains in all aspects of fighting and believes he has equally evened out his all-around skills. With an undefeated record of 10-0, champion of XFO, Volatile Athletics and Total Fight Challenge (TFC), Paul said his goal is to continue fighting and dominating the 185 lb division across various promotions.


“I want to keep challenging myself by fighting against the best fighters out there, while hopefully making my name well-known,” said Paul.



Paul has been flexible in shifting weight to accommodate certain fights. He started fighting at 205 lbs, then at 185 lbs, but for his first muay thai fight, he has dropped to 178 lbs.


“I’ve been focusing a lot on muay thai and boxing and have been doing some different training at different gyms. I’ve been doing some cross training with Top Notch. I’m really trying to get my hands to where my ground game is at. I’m feeling pretty confident and I’m also dropping farther down in weight for my first muay thai fight,” said Paul.


Why Muay Thai

When asked why he decided to fight in muay thai, Paul said, “I’m trying to figure it out. I’m trying to get more stand-up time. My second nature takes me straight to the ground even though I like to stand-up. I’ve actually noticed that I’ve been taken down more times than what I’ve done the taking down, so my game plan has changed a little bit. This is the reason why I want to fight in muay thai, so that I can test my stand-up and not have to worry about not shooting down anymore.”



In November 2011, Paul defeated John Degotti in the TFC title fight but said that he would like to give him a rematch.


“Degotti said he’d like to do a rematch because he said he had some sickness problems before the fight. So he’d like to come back 100%,” said Paul.

Although recovering from an injury that he suffered during this title fight, Paul said that he enjoyed having a short break and has now been pushing his training harder to get things going again.


Mitch Nix | Fight Card Title

In October 2011, Paul saw Mitch Nix fight against Andrew Navickis. Nix defeated Navickis by submission in round 2 and became the Fight Card Entertainment (FCE) Middleweight Champion.


“I would like to fight against Fight Card’s middleweight champion, Mitch Nix. He looks like a solid 185 lbs fighter with a good wrestling background. I think that fight would be a good test for both of us. I have seen him fight before and his wrestling seems to be on the same level as mine. I would really like that fight because he’ll be somebody that will really test my ground, as well as give us a chance to be on our feet with each other because I don’t know if we both would go straight to the ground because we’d be worried about each others wrestling. Although I’m not sure how much respect he gives to my wrestling. I’m just saying how I feel about it,” said Paul.


Fight Card Entertainment

Paul has expressed his interest to also fight for FCE and said he knows there are many high caliber, 185 lbs fighters out there whom he would like to test his skills against.


“Again, my goal is get my name well-known and obviously FCE is a big promotion which a lot of people know about. They promote very well and also promote the fighters over the show, which is something I like to see. I’d really like to fight for FCE but it’s all about when I can schedule it and if they can find an opponent for me. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to stay at 185 or drop to 170, so I want to figure out what’s best for me when I go pro,” said Paul.


Fight Against Bill Ward

Paul said he is also excited about another title fight he has scheduled against Bill Ward at 185 lbs. on March 30, 2012.


“I’ve seen him fight but I’m not familiar with what he’s good at. I know he fights for Nut House MMA. He seems to have some decent stand-up and keeps his hands up pretty well, which is strange because some amateur fighters, a lot of them, are not keeping their hands up. He has solid ground and he fought against someone that I actually fought as well. I think this is another one of those Mitch Nix scenarios in which we’re both good at the same thing, so it should work out to be a good fight,” said Paul.



“Working and training. I love fighting so I don’t look at it as a job, so it’s not hard to keep motivated. When I work out, it calms me down a lot, so I’m working out as much as I can to keep up. I just look at where its going to take me in the future and that’s what keeps me going through the day,” said Paul.


Training Around Work Schedules

Despite a hectic work schedule, Paul said that the commitment and dedication to his future keep him on the right track. Paul said he has one full time job, does home remodeling, demolition and at times security on the weekends but always finds time for training.


“My weekend mornings are devoted to training, from like 10:00 a.m. until about 4:00 p.m. During the week its all around my schedule, I work out and go to training when I can. But overall, is about six days a week,” said Paul.



“I go out for fun. I do drink but I’ve scheduled so many fights that I haven’t been drinking too much lately but I play a lot of Xbox. I enjoy working out, rolling is a lot of fun and I have fun with my training partners and coaches. We’ll roll and then we’ll go hang out. On my days off I just spend the day with my girlfriend doing nothing, just relaxing for the next week,” said Paul.


Final Comments

“I just want to thank my sponsors Medusa’s in Elgin, Grit Mouthguards, Top Notch Tattoo in Elgin, One Chance Clothing, GNC in South Elgin…and everybody…hold on to your belts while you can,” ended Paul.

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