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My Thoughts: This article gives great advice and pointers about making your college experience worth while. It says that many students coming out of high school are so hung up on where they want to get in based off of their social wants, that they completely disregaurd the academic aspect and quality of the schools. Not only this, but a lot of students are doing a very poor job navigating through the thousands of options that different colleges provide. Some are just settleing for what ever is most convenient to them, where there parents want them to go, or non-academic influences. I am very glad I came accross this article because, being a senior and looking at options for college, I will now know and have a better understanding of what to truly look for when considering the school I would like to attend. I can very much see how non-academic influences and affect 17 and 18 year old student's decisions. I admit that I have fell victum to this to a certain extent. Now knowing, from reading this article, that my college decision is one that I need to spend a whole lot of time looking into has made me realize that I should look outside of the norm, into schools that fit my interests which are tailored toward me.