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Mobile Apps Conquering Research Labs

Mobile Apps Conquering Research Labs | College 2.0 |

Labfolder releases mobile apps which complement its digital laboratory notebook. Mobile apps have an increasing impact on research by substituting for the common paper laboratory notebooks. Digitization of scientific data opens up new horizons for data processing and have an immense effect on the efficiency of laboratory research. - Labfolder, February 2014

Via Tree of Science
Tree of Science's curator insight, May 29, 2014 11:13 AM

The Berlin-based labfolder GmbH releases its free mobile app which allows scientists to use their iPhones, smartphones,  tablets and iPads as digital lab notebooks. The scientist­‐entrepreneurs from
Berlin complement their web application by native apps for mobile devices operating under Android and iOS. Notes, photos, annotations and sketches recorded with the labfolder mobile app are seamlessly transferred into the digital lab notebook. Likewise, notes, descriptions
of experiments and results can be retrieved at all places in the laboratory and outside. Unlike most generic apps, labfolder follows the
guidelines for good scientific practice: All entries are provided with a
timestamp and a full audit trail.

In spite of the growing impact of mobile apps on personal life, many industries still struggle to implement the benefits of mobile devices into their work environments. Research institutes, universities and research driven companies need to catch up ­‐ impressively shown by

the fact that in most laboratories, paper notebooks are still being used for documentation and archiving of scientific results.

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The Explosive Growth of For-Profit Higher Education, By the Numbers

The Explosive Growth of For-Profit Higher Education, By the Numbers | College 2.0 |
High tuition, low retention rates, and aggressive recruiting are great for business—but terrible for education.
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Mendeley’s Open API Approach Is On Course To Disrupt Academic Publishing | TechCrunch

Science and academia have to date been a little slower to react to the vast changes going on in the business world as we move to the cloud, big data and third-party app ecosystems.
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Why open access should be a key issue for university leaders

Why open access should be a key issue for university leaders | College 2.0 |

Universities are drowning in digital information. It's time senior leaders made openness – and its consequences – their concern.

Universities are digital machines these days. But many of the decisions that have to be made as a result are not technical at all. They are about the nature of research and its public benefits, about how learning and teaching takes place, and how we confront difficult ethical issues. Strategic choices that are made now will have significant implications for the ways in which knowledge will be created and shared in the future. (...) - by Martin Hall, The Guardian, 18 February 2014

Via Tree of Science, Julien Hering, PhD
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