Percolate's latest brew aims to make brands better social curators, content creators | Collective Intelligence & Distance Learning |
New York startup Percolate, which helps brands sort and curate content to share on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels, has released its newest version.


The startup, which helps brands act like savvy curators of the social Web, launched last year with a platform that filters through hundreds of sources of content, bubbles up the most relevant pieces and then lets brands share them on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels.


But the company’s newest version, which it released to clients last week, goes beyond the curation of content from other sources to making it easier for brands to tap into their own reserves of digital content. In addition to indexing and tagging brands’ owned content, a few other updates include enhancing the algorithms that recommend the best content, providing extra monitoring and notifications around the performance of posts, and automatic optimizing for the different social platforms.


“The biggest challenge brands have is, ‘what should I be talking about now?,’” said Percolate co-founder James Gross. “It’s not audience acquisition – you can buy followers – and distribution is also taken care of [with Facebook’s reach generator, for example]… The challenge is what content do I create right now.”


To help a brand figure out the kinds of content that it should be sharing, Percolate maps the brand’s “interest graph” against more than six million sources and finds the references, which can include from 500 to 1,500 sources, that are unique to each brand. From there, Percolate’s algorithms consider a number of variables, including recency, popularity, authority and, most recently, keywords, to suggest the different content that a brand’s social editor should share everyday.