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Hands-Free Branding: Gesture Control Goes Mainstream

Hands-Free Branding: Gesture Control Goes Mainstream | Collaborative Revolution |

Beyond Voice Is Gesture Marketing
This was an interesting post about "gestures" and how they may be the next big thing after voice and semantic control. Opening a trunk with a foot is one example. 

Now imagine combinations of gestures, smartphones and voice activated devices such as Alexa and the future looks interesting, complicated and simple all at the same time. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Interesting "new to us" post about gestures as the next big revolution after smartphones and nose twitches get together. 

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Luna Mattress Cover Internet of Things To Come Startup & Great VNR

Luna Mattress Cover Internet of Things To Come Startup & Great VNR | Collaborative Revolution |
Luna is the smart bed cover that learns about you and improves your sleep experience.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Saw a Great VNR (Video News Release) today for Luna Sleep's new web connected mattress.Luna can connect to your phone an and NEST thermostat. Since the mattress cover is "learning" by recording out to the cloud it can make recommendations about things that help / hurt your sleep cycles.

Going to buy one since I hat being HOT in bed and its too cool to connect bed to a smart thermostat and mobile phone. Too Cool!.

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10 Stupid Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Things Mobile Revolution Will Eliminate

10 Stupid Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Things Mobile Revolution Will Eliminate | Collaborative Revolution |

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Reading about Stripe's amazing twenty something entrepreneurs ( ) got me thinking about things that are STUPID but here today and gone tomorrow:

10 Things Mobile Revolution Is About To Kill

* Flimsy paper boarding passes. Soon we use our phones.

* Cash is already dead, Credit Cards are next.

* Wallets.
* Movie ticket lines.

* Tickets for events and conferences (phone soon).
* Room keys (phone is going to open / lock doors soon).

* Car Keys (phones + cloud profiles).

* Panhandling (death of cash must already be hurting panhandling).

* Home & Mailbox keys (phone + cloud profiles).

* Business Cards.

What other things do you think the mobile revolution will eliminate? Share ideas (

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2014 Trends Mashup On Google Drive Happening NOW

2014 Trends Mashup On Google Drive Happening NOW | Collaborative Revolution |

Mashing Up 2014 trends from a varietyof sources via Pinterest ( ) and writing a post (should be live by lunch).

Watch curating in real time via Google Doc (and feel free to share your ideas here or on Gplus).

Google Doc


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More Thoughts On Online Audience Optimization vs. SEO

More Thoughts On Online Audience Optimization vs. SEO | Collaborative Revolution |

Beware The NEW Acronym Isn't Same As The Old (SEO)
There was a summer night sitting on the beach watching fireflies when we knew something had to change. Directors of Ecommerce like I used to be learned how to balance a website between the technical aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the functional and practical aspects of what is now being called OAO (Online Audience Optimization).

Sometimes the new boss is the same as the old, but this isn't one of those. This new acronym seems strained and way to general to ever attain the universal meaning of SEO. Problem is SEO really became the one term everyone knew but didn’t really understand. 

Even if you sort of maybe worked on a website a little years ago you knew SEO, but no your really didn't. SEO was a complex set of rules for using Google's algorithm math against it. They set up the game so using it against them seemed fair. 

Problem is fair to whom. Obsession with Google required ignoring customers and finding the balance beam between them (Google and customers) became larger the longer someone managed a website. Google is like Kool-Aid the longer you drink it the more it took over. 

Now with Google's new emphasis on heuristics, the data showing how many HEARTS and MINDS you influence, Kool-Aid is replaced by whatever is working now. "Working" in this context is winning the signals that confirm growing LOVE and ADVOCACY. 

Fewer rules and more variables mean those who know themselves best, listen better and pivot faster win. If you can do that best by using a new three-letter acronym OAO should work. Just don't fall in love with the wrong thing (again), don't drink this Kool-Aid.    


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How We Learn - Learning In A Mobile Digital Age Theory and Practice via Slideshare 

How We Learn Now
Not long ago I went to a seminar who asked us to sit in seats and pay attention. Good luck with that. Today we learn by doing and it wasn't long after the lecture started smartphones were beeping and people's attention was elsewhere.

Attention must be earned and there are a million distractions so EARNING attention is harder than ever. Learning technology is just about everywhere in education. Universities are replete with lecture capture tools, interactive media, web-based content and personalized version of everything. 

We know there are a lot of educators on and this post is for you! 



Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Luciana Viter, steve batchelder, massimo facchinetti
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I'd add another layer - mobile learning - into this solid slide deck, but worth the flipping. Learning in a smartphone empowered age is different as this presentation deck makes clear. 

Ivon Prefontaine, PhD's curator insight, June 28, 2017 1:42 PM
We have been preparing children for a future we cannot fully describe for some time and how new tools might disrupt that future.

John Dewey argued habits and skills were learned in the present moment where children lived. Technology is a conversation between craftspeople, in this case teachers and students, and their tools.
Becky Roehrs's curator insight, June 30, 2017 10:32 AM

Excellent graphics illustrating his creative ideas-I looked at all 74 of the slides! I especially like the images of two paths

Debbie Elicksen 's curator insight, July 3, 2017 2:32 PM
Curricula is evolving, one classroom at a time.
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Bitcoin Manifesto: Bitcoin Changes Global Ecom, Money & Our Value Systems

Bitcoin Ecom Game Changer
What is missing from global ecommere? I know that question can cover a lot of territory, but the hint was use of the word "global". @David Amerlandwrote a highly influential post recently:

What If We Had A New Value System For Goods  & Services

Great read. Now put David's post into the Bitcoin context and its easy to see why "universal, trusted online currency" is a big missing piece for global online ecommerce.

I've purchased things from London, but its a pain. That pain takes two forms: currency and shipping. We can't solve shipping until we crete a currency that works around the world.

Enter one of Bitcoin's big benefits.

But Bitcoin is more than a universal currency. Bitcoin is the illusive universal infrastructure long sought by Facebook and Google. Bitcoin is a platform leveler, a new way to program that beats all to hell.

This Bitcoin manifesto makes for fascinating reading. Put aside the idea of a floating currency currently running at $350 dollars to a single Bitcoin with the real possibility of going above $1000 soon and read the paper from the "what do we need to make ecommerce really word around the web and the world" and you see the real power of Bitcoin.

More on G+:

Bitcoin & Startups (on

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Survmetrics - Cool Mobile Survey App With Analytics To Match

Survmetrics - Cool Mobile Survey App With Analytics To Match | Collaborative Revolution |
Survmetrics-Beautifully crafted online surveys with analytics to match

Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Mark E. Deschaine, PhD
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This easy to use mobile survey tool looks cool. The phone is a natural "game console" sitting there waiting to "play games". Survmetrics looks like it makes the process of creating mobile surveys easy, fun and beneficial. 

Donna Farren's curator insight, July 28, 2014 11:58 AM

Wow!  This goes way beyond SurveyMonkey!

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Is Ecommerce Stuck In The Mud? A: Yes & 2014 Ideas To Fix

Is Ecommerce Stuck In The Mud? A: Yes & 2014 Ideas To Fix | Collaborative Revolution |
After creating the first Ecommie Ecommerce Awards for Holiday 2013 its clear online retailers are stuck in their own mud. This deck explains why and what can be different in 2014.
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