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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Bitcoin Manifesto: Bitcoin Changes Global Ecom, Money & Our Value Systems

Bitcoin Ecom Game Changer
What is missing from global ecommere? I know that question can cover a lot of territory, but the hint was use of the word "global". @David Amerlandwrote a highly influential post recently:

What If We Had A New Value System For Goods  & Services

Great read. Now put David's post into the Bitcoin context and its easy to see why "universal, trusted online currency" is a big missing piece for global online ecommerce.

I've purchased things from London, but its a pain. That pain takes two forms: currency and shipping. We can't solve shipping until we crete a currency that works around the world.

Enter one of Bitcoin's big benefits.

But Bitcoin is more than a universal currency. Bitcoin is the illusive universal infrastructure long sought by Facebook and Google. Bitcoin is a platform leveler, a new way to program that beats all to hell.

This Bitcoin manifesto makes for fascinating reading. Put aside the idea of a floating currency currently running at $350 dollars to a single Bitcoin with the real possibility of going above $1000 soon and read the paper from the "what do we need to make ecommerce really word around the web and the world" and you see the real power of Bitcoin.

More on G+:

Bitcoin & Startups (on

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Save The World Marketing Defined

Save The World Marketing Defined | Collaborative Revolution | 
link to Save The World Marketing session summary for NC Tech For Good Conference

Why Nonprofits Act Like For Profits & Vice Versa

Last week Facebook became the #1 web destination instead of Google. Content is truly king in the New SEO. Internet marketing is the great level. All ideas and marketing must stand up to the bar of Internet marketing. Internet marketing is an organic thing. 

The New SEO
First we were glad to move brochures online. Next we were pleased to be able to create a cash register online. Then Web 2.0 created connection and the "social web" flooding the streets with User Generated Content and new class of powerful gatekeepers - PEOPLE armed with social networks and advocacy. 

Google had a single choice - change or drown. Google changed with their Panda and Penguin algorithm changes. The old game of SEO optimization was and is OVER. The new game of ever rising website heuristic measures such as time on site, pages viewed and return visitors is here.

Storytelling & Engagement
The "inside baseball" implications of a renewed focus on heuristic measures is user engagement and content are truly KING. If your website's time on site isn't going up as bounce rates are going down you are in trouble. For profit companies are desperately seeking Susan where "Susan" is the ability to tell emotionally real, engaging and sharable stories.  

Nonprofits have always exceled at story based selling. Nonprofits fail where for profit brands excel - message amplification and transfer. For profits excel at the gamification needed to create loyal brand advocates, the tribes all brands need to survive in a flat, social, connected and digital world. 

The rush of nonprofits toward for profit marketing amplification and for profit adoption of nonprofit emotional storytelling is Save The World Marketing. 

Learn more about Save The World Marketing: (link to NC Tech For Good session proposal). 

 Please share your favorite examples of "Save The World Marketing". 


Great article from Beth Kanter on the new cause marketing:  

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