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Collaborative Revolution
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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Surviving Leadership Chaos!

Are You Fighting Collaboration?

Are You Fighting Collaboration? | Collaborative Revolution |

Fighting Collaboration & Not Knowing It?
You may be fighting collaboration, the key to success in a networked world, and not know it. Look for these five signs:

1. Sharing = Less Not More Valuable

2. Mutually Exclusive Process (On & Off).

3. Toxic environment.

4. Mental and/or Emotional Blocks
5. Bridges Beat Bondo.

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donhornsby's curator insight, December 10, 2014 8:30 AM

(From the article): Knowing that collaboration has measurable outcomes, some organizations may desire it, but systemic processes, policies and even people can become obstacles to realizing that goal and stunt longer-term success.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Best Buy Has A LOVE Problem Not A ROWE Problem [Marty Note For CEO]

Best Buy Has A LOVE Problem Not A ROWE Problem [Marty Note For CEO] | Collaborative Revolution |
Why the demise of the original "Results-Only Work Environment" is worse news than Yahoo's remote-worker roundup.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Intrinsic (decentralized) Vs. Extrinsic (centralized) Control
When Daniel Pink wrote Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us I wonder if he was thinking of brick and mortar retailers. Retailers seem destined to put themselves out of business with increasing speed. This week Best Buy killed their innovative Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) program.

There new "get tough" and cost cutting CEO Herbert Joly explained why:

Joly made a revealing comment following an investors' meeting in November. "In a turnaround transformation," he said, "You need to feel disposable as opposed to indispensable." He is far from the only "Theory X" leader who believes that stressing employees makes them perform better, while boosting their satisfaction makes them lazy. 

Orwell Was Here
How absurd.

Here are a few reasons I think Best Buy is in a tornado no amount of worker oppression is going to fix:

* Mobile.
* Social.

* Showrooming.

* PRICE not LOVE as only selling point.

* No There THERE (they just don't matter in their local markets).


I wrote a piece last week for New Media Leader that fits Best Buy perfectly. When choice is infinite we buy from whom we LOVE. I can't imagine anyone loving Best Buy. I also wrote a piece that included the amazing video for Seth Godin's new book Icarus Deception (second link below), that lays out Best Buy with a right cross to the jaw. 

Why Big Ideas Will Rule

The Rocker and Brand Doctor Create Magic At Ted  *** Watch the VIDEO ***

My letter to the CEO of Best Buy

Dear Mr. Joly, 
After almost ten years of grinding recession and heart stopping technical innovation we've moved. You won't find either our hearts or minds in the same place anymore. We are smart and recognize your mean words meant for your employees also apply to us (your customers). 

You think we need to be "controlled" too. That if you jackboot us enough we will eventually comply. 


We have the ability to buy anything from anyone now so we will buy from those who we LOVE and who LOVE us. As long as you live in the fantasy land of CONTROL you will have none. We just don't NEED you anymore, you are OVER, done and forgotten you just don't know it yet. 

Our advice to your workers is FLEE before you drown with a ship so clearly rudderless and captain-less it has no choice but to end up on jagged rocks in a storm.

FLEE because every moment you work there you won't get back and time could be spent building a personal brand or skills that have some meaning for you and a generous willing employer. 

Finally, FLEE because life is short and you shouldn't spend one more second working for a Jolly Fool. 


Should anyone from Best Buy be brave enough to discuss this, I am easy to find and my work email is Martin.Smith(at) I believe in putting my MONEY and TIME where my mouth is.

My offer to Mr. Joly is reinstate ROWE and I will help fix the Best Buy website FREE with the single caveat my help can't interfere with my crowdfunding cancer research project. Since there is NO CHANCE Best Buy takes me up on this I'm confident making such an offer won't knock CCS out of the box or even slow it down (sadly).   


Liz Wilson's comment, March 10, 2013 2:09 PM
Excellent comments Marty - Likeonomics rules.