How to Network? Hint: Early and Often! - @RichardBranson | Collaborationweb |

Masterclass from THE #1 Playfull Pioneer in which he answers 4 Unspoken Questions:


Q1. Where do you Network?

   To get started, attend industry events and meet key players; join regional business associations and start learning about local market conditions. Also remember that you can meet potential mentors at schools, clubs and business groups. Someday, when you get stuck or when something goes wrong, these contacts will be the people you’ll turn to for help.


Q2. Who do you want in your Network?

   Launching a startup is tough and scary, so it is important that as you build your network, you look for smart, supportive partners and employees who understand and share your goals for the business.


Q3. Why would you Clap Competing Hands to make one Beat?

   You’re also going to need a network of peers, so don’t be wary of making friends with your competition. When you see other people achieving similar goals, you will be reminded that your own plans and dreams are possible. And if you are feeling daunted by a task, there’s no better encouragement than learning that somebody else has already achieved something similar.


Q4. Why do you continue to grow your Network?

   Once you’re a successful business leader, it’s time to start championing undiscovered talent yourself. I get a real sense of pleasure from seeing talented people realize their ambitions and grow professionally and personally. As I’ve learned, in the process you can gain new insights and discover fresh approaches to doing business by simply discussing how things work. After all, continuing to network means continuing to grow.


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